Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 05 Porsche Boxster. I found the stereo far below my expectations. I set out to research and get some quotes. I decided to performed the install myself and wanted to share what I used and how it worked out.

Lets start out with the fit kit bezel. I have seen it posted on this forum some guy on ebay who sells them for $250. I found this ridicules. I purchased the color match bezel made by a company called Connect2 for $50 including shipping. I think it looks very nice
Here is the link
Porsche Boxster Car Stereo Installation Accessories, Audio Fitting Accessories

Rear speakers or lack there of is a major problem. I guess Porsche use to make a rear speaker kit but now they do not. I purchased 2 Boston Acoustic 3.5 inch speakers and a 3/8 inch square wood dowel and some black spray paint. I cut the dowels and painted them and used them to attache the speakers in the rear storage area. They sound great. $40 at Amazon.com

For a sub a purchased a Pyle PLBASS10 10-Inch Low-Profile Super Slim Active Amplified Subwoofer System. It sounds great! It is a 1000 watt am and speaker all in one. It fits perfect behind the passenger seat even with the seat all the way back. Cost $138 on Amazon.com

For the Am I purchased A Kenwood Kac-8405 4 Channel 720 Watt on Amazon.com. The amp sound great. I installed it in the front hood/trunk area. Cost $140

I replaced the door speakers and tweeters with Boston Acoustics Se60 6.5-Inch 2 Way Se Series Pair of Component Speakers. Cost $70

For the deck I bought a Clarion CX501 - 2-DIN CD/Bluetooth/USB Receiver. Cost $179 on Amazon.com

Here is the finish product, The cost total was around $700 total completed. The end result was a very nice sounding system.