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Thread: Help with TPMS Error

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    Re: Help with TPMS Error

    Quote Originally Posted by wulfgang View Post
    Durametric is working on a fix that will enable at least 2006 models to remove TPMS. ...
    I talked with Durametric, and their Pro system can disable the dashboard lights for the TPMS, but they couldn't tell me if it actually disables the system (!) What this really means is that they haven't actually done it--and so if anyone has the Pro system, and succeeds in disabling the warning system while still having the TPMS sensors installed in the wheels, could they post here?


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    Re: Help with TPMS Error

    Durametric cannot do it yet, at least on my car. Durametric released an update ( that was supposed to do the trick, but it did not work. The shop said that the software seemed to work and remove the TPMS, but unfortunately, nothing on the dash changed.

    According to some 997 owners who convinced the dealer to remove TPMS using PIWIS, the module in the front trunk must be removed FIRST or else the coding will not work. The process with PIWIS is:

    1. Disconnect the module in the front trunk (by the master cylinder).
    2. Program away the TPMS.

    However, according to Durametric and the shop I used, the module must be there so that the software can communicate to remove the option. So their process is supposed to be:

    1. Use Durametric Pro to do the coding change that removes TPMS option.
    2. Remove the module.

    That doesn't work. They said they also tried removing the module first with no success. The dealer service sucks, so I'm out of luck. Apparently Durametric cannot test this feature on a car, so they're relying on user logs to figure it out. I'm getting tired of going to the shop to try something new, which wastes both my time and the shop's time (they haven't charged me anything).

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