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  1. 2009 tourist delivery - Stuttgart drop-off 6/2/09

    We headed back to Stuttgart to return the car to the factory. We've logged about 900 miles in 7 days in Germany. From the scenic back roads to the autobahn (the best highway ever!), the car did not disappoint. It was the ultimate road trip.

    Leisurely cruise back to Stuttgart following the flow traffic. Any slower and you'll have a Smart car on your tail

    We first checked-in the hotel when ...

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  2. 2009 tourist delivery - Rothenburg o.d.T 6/1/09

    Gas fill-up in the earlier leg of the trip cost about $7 a gallon! Also, you pump first and then pay. I went inside to hand over my card so I can pump but I was told to pump first. What a concept!

    Still breaking-in the car but encountered a situation where I had to just let the car go. Autobahn merge lanes we encountered were short, abruptly merge with the slow lane, and terminate with some planters at the end. During one merge situation, I found myself next to a big semi truck with ...

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  3. 2009 tourist delivery - Munich 5/31/09

    Drove in to Munich on the Autobahn. The city was surpirsingly not as congested as other big cities but found out that this is due to a bank holiday. This was probably a good thing because it made navigating to our hotel easier w/o dealing with traffic and congestion. Along the way, we had to go through tunnels in which you're required to turn on headlights. What?... the Cayman doesn't have automatic headlights?

    After checking-in we strolled through the city center which is conveniently ...

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  4. 2009 tourist delivery - Bavaria/Tirol 5/29/09

    We drove from Konstanz to Fussen via numerous scenic routes. We passed many picturesque Bavarian vistas along the way. It was an incredible drive. Given that we were on scenic one-lane each way highways, it was necessary at times to overtake cars that were going too slow. Response time from the Cayman was incredible.

    Fussen is jampacked with daytrippers during the day but quiet at night. We were able to secure a private garage at the hotel so we slept well at night not having ...

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  5. 2009 tourist delivery - Konstanz 5/28/09

    2009 tourist delivery - Konstanz 5/28/09

    Left Baden Baden for Konstanz around noon. The route I selected should take us through the scenic routes, avoiding the Autobahn. We hit the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse (Black Forest High Road) for some spirited twisties driving as well as the magnificent views. Unfortunately, it was really foggy and driving throught it sometimes really nerve-racking. It was mid-day but visibility in some areas was very limited. In some parts, it was just barely ...

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