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2009 tourist delivery - Baden Baden 5/27/09

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by , 05-29-2009 at 02:37 PM (798 Views)
After the tourist delivery lunch, we headed back to the car which we drove out to the customer parking area. Our adventures are about to begin. The plan is to drive to several destinations in Southern Germany from the Black Forest, the lakes, and Bavaria before returning the car to the factory.

First stop - Baden Baden is known for its hot springs that date to the Roman times. I loaded the pre-determined route in the portable gps hoping that it will actually work. After the final check and walkaround the car, off we go!

We avoided the faster highway This was a good time to get a feel of the car and start the proper break-in. We were told to avoid going higher than 5k rpm and if we do, just do it for several seconds. Not a problem with this initial destination.

The route we took took us throiugh to picturesque German towns. Definitely no 7-11's and strip malls. The Cayman felt right at home in these streets. After a couple of hours, the gps announced that we're approaching our destination. This gps thing is awesome and highly recommended if you're going to drive in Germany. Some streets are not clearly marked so I just had to trust the gps as it routed us
through the twist and turns.

Here are some pictures of our stroll along the Lichtentaler Allee. The air here is so clean and really takes the pulse down. The next destination is Konstanz.

Baden Baden stroll

Town center

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  1. KS-CS's Avatar
    I am totally green with envy - what a great experience!

    And thanx for the great pix too.
  2. Cwinner19's Avatar
    Hope you had time to soak in one if the spas and reflect on how awesome the Tourist Delivery experience is.