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2009 tourist delivery - Konstanz 5/28/09

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2009 tourist delivery - Konstanz 5/28/09

Left Baden Baden for Konstanz around noon. The route I selected should take us through the scenic routes, avoiding the Autobahn. We hit the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse (Black Forest High Road) for some spirited twisties driving as well as the magnificent views. Unfortunately, it was really foggy and driving throught it sometimes really nerve-racking. It was mid-day but visibility in some areas was very limited. In some parts, it was just barely 3 car lenghts. We pulled over to a look-out point where some other cars were also parked. I tried to figure out how to turn on the fog lights but could not figure it out. I learned later that cars with xenons don't have separate fog lights. I thought it was the two round lights but apparently those are daytime driving lights and only turn on when main lights are off. I now appreciate the rear fog light feature because the Passat we were following had the rear fog on and it was the only light we could see. It really helped during the heavy fog. Having both left and right lit up really bright might make it hard to determine the fogs from brake lights. I turned mine on and I'm sure it was helpful for the person behind us.

I was very impressed with the car's balance when driving through the twisties. I wasn't pushing the car hard but those really tight turns did not take that much effort. The car felt really balanced and easy to control. The seats were awesome and held us firmly but comfortably. What a great ride!

After the twisties, we passed through several of the small towns but in one of them, there was a road closure. I had to detour so the gps tried to recalculate a different route. I followed it but ended up in some sort of nature route. It was nice at first but turned really narrow. At some points it was barely wider than the car. It got pretty hairy as the road narrowed next to steep drop-offs. The road eventually lead to a small neighborhood in a valley so I just u-turned and returned to the next bigger town where I stopped the current gps route and selected a new waypoint. We arrived in Konstanz after 2.5 - 3 hrs. I made up some time when we hit the Autobahn. I tried to modulate the pedal so it doesn't downshift enough to bring the rpm higher than 5k. We were cruising more than 200 kph (~125 mph) effortlessly. The steering felt relatively heavy which was really confidence inspiring. The car felt really planted. Going this fast seemed like it wasn't a big deal to other cars. I just made sure I was passing on the left and did not hang out if I'm not passing. The Cayman just felt right on the Autobahn.

Konstanz is the lakes region situated between Germany and Switzerland. We checked-in and walked around town where we found a nice cafe and had dinner. I wanted to walk to Switzerland which was just several blocks down the street thinking there's a border crossing but found none. I was thinking of a more formal border crossing but it just looked like a very long street and we didn't feel like walking any more. We headed back to the hotel to prepare for our next stop, Fussen (Bavaria).

Konstanz scene

Hotel parking lot

By the lake

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  1. Cwinner19's Avatar
    I totally agree with you on the cornering and autobahn capabilities of the Cayman. As you push the car even harder you will be even more impressed.