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2009 tourist delivery - Bavaria/Tirol 5/29/09

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We drove from Konstanz to Fussen via numerous scenic routes. We passed many picturesque Bavarian vistas along the way. It was an incredible drive. Given that we were on scenic one-lane each way highways, it was necessary at times to overtake cars that were going too slow. Response time from the Cayman was incredible.

Fussen is jampacked with daytrippers during the day but quiet at night. We were able to secure a private garage at the hotel so we slept well at night not having to worry about who's parking too close to the car.

The first night, we had our first Bavarian meal, roast pork and bread dumpling. It was a good first Bavarian meal. The next morning, we biked along the Foggensee Lake. This place is a hidden treasure and not overrun by tourists. We rented bikes and followed the clearly marked trails along the very scenic lake with views of the Alps and surrounding country side.

My other ride - also a 7-speed "pdk"

In the afternoon, went to Reutte, Austria via the small country backroads. Some of the streets are very narrow with some passages only one car at a time can pass. Thanks to Cwinner19 for recommending Am Plansee. It seems popular with bikers because of the twisties along the lake but the views are just as great. Truly a must see whether you do tourist delivery or not. We were taking pictures along the lake and another Porsche, a 911 convertible, passed by, saw the Cayman, and gave us a friendly honk and wave.

Am Plansee

Cwinner19, I found your favorite spot!

After our Bavarian/Tirol drive, we visited the touristy Mad King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein castle. Though touristy, it's a must see. It is only a few minutes away from Fussen. Fairly new, mid-1800's, it offers great views of the lowlying countryside.

Bavaria - view from bridge

Neuschwanstein - with restoration scaffolding

The second night, we hung out at the local eatery for more Bavarian cuisine.

Next, off to Munich!

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  1. Cwinner19's Avatar
    Wow, what great pictures! Glad you found the road along Am Plansee. Looks like you have some nice pics to submit for the calendar next year.