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2009 tourist delivery - Munich 5/31/09

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Drove in to Munich on the Autobahn. The city was surpirsingly not as congested as other big cities but found out that this is due to a bank holiday. This was probably a good thing because it made navigating to our hotel easier w/o dealing with traffic and congestion. Along the way, we had to go through tunnels in which you're required to turn on headlights. What?... the Cayman doesn't have automatic headlights?

After checking-in we strolled through the city center which is conveniently located near the hotel. This first picture is the new townhall which was used a US Army headquarters during WW2, the big one. At a nearby cafe, we people-watched and had some crackling pork knuckles. Yummo.


City tram

What else... oh yeah, Hofbrauhaus. To cap the night, we went to this world famous beerhall. This beerhall is huge! Inside is a live band and several hundreds of people sharing tables and imbibing. The atmosphere was loud, fun, but never out of control. Ordered the default 1 liter mug of beer and shared a pretzel. What else do you need? Definitely one of the highlights of Munich.


Munich skyline

Leaving early the next morning for a trip to the walled city of Rothenburg o.d.T.

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  1. Cwinner19's Avatar
    How was the Autobahn? Isn't driving at autobahn speeds effortless? Keep the updates coming!
  2. bxstr's Avatar
    Did you pick up your porsche from there
  3. laseng's Avatar
    Cwinner19 - the Cayman feels right at home in its native habitat. if not for the break-in, I would've pushed it a bit more but the Cayman really inspires confidence. We did not even use the cup holders! Your really do need to concentrate when driving on the autobahn.

    jbxstr - picked up the Cayman at the Stuttgart factory