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  1. 2009 tourist delivery - Baden Baden 5/27/09

    After the tourist delivery lunch, we headed back to the car which we drove out to the customer parking area. Our adventures are about to begin. The plan is to drive to several destinations in Southern Germany from the Black Forest, the lakes, and Bavaria before returning the car to the factory.

    First stop - Baden Baden is known for its hot springs that date to the Roman times. I loaded the pre-determined route in the portable gps hoping that it will actually work. After the final ...

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  2. 2009 tourist delivery - Stuttgart 5/27/09

    Flew into a very rainy Stuttgart yesterday in a small Lufthansa regional jet and had to circle the airport for about half an hour due to thunderstorms. Walked around the town square and bought a SIM card for my phone. Didn't get to explore Stuttgart as much due to the weather.

    Today's pickup day. Checked-in at the Porsche tourist delivery center and had a bit of time to relax as we waited for our representative. Went over the paperwork but all I could think of was the walk to the ...

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  3. 2009 tourist delivery - London 5/25/09

    Blogging from London, England. Spent the last couple of days in London before the tourist delivery on Wednesday. I seem to have forgotten that we're doing tourist delivery because we've been having a really good time in London. There is so much to see and do in London. So much history that it makes home, Los Angeles, historically lacking. Since this is a Porsche site, I would like to mention that I saw a 911 pass by the pub where we were at

    Also yesterday, I saw this Enzo at some ...

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