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  1. A new porsche !!!!

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    Guys what u think it is ??? A new version of the 918 ?? or somthing new ???
  2. Waiting for my Boxster GTS

    Hey there ,
    I finally ordered my Boxster Gts 2 weeks ago ! I owned previously 2 Boxsters and i really became obsessed with these cars . The moment i saw the Gts i wanted it so bad , had to wait a bit but im glad i finally got it . Still i have to wait 80 days to get my car wich is really torturing . The tricky part was the options game ! But after a hard , and long time i figured out how i want my dream car .

    Exterior color : racing yellow , Leather interior with ...
  3. European delivery

    This blog will be a detailed report on the Porsche European Delivery process from start to finish. I hope it will be a helpful tool for other P-9 members, and I plan to use it as a scrap book for pictures and memories of our trip to Europe.

    I will cover the following topics in detail:

    • Why Choose European Delivery for a Porsche
    • How to Order
    • Costs Explained
    • All the Requirements
    • Travel Planning
    • The Delivery Day
    • The Car - "Molly" our Red GT4 with black

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  4. Pictures Part 2: Interior pictures of the GT4 (and some GT3RS)

    Here are some interior pictures. As you probably can tell, I like the yellow stitching.

  5. Pictures of the Geneva Autoshow are uploaded (part 1)

    Before I lose access to a computer for a week, I uploaded the unedited pictures of the Autoshow to my flickr account:

    Here are some of the GT4 and GT3RS pictures:

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