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  1. Day-1: Arriving in Leipzig

    After a typical polar route flight (if lucky, we got 2 hours of sleep), my wife and I arrived in Leipzig to a beautiful sunny fall day.

    Directly at the airport you could already see that Porsche is having a presence:

    We decide to grab a cab from the airport to our Hotel (the Steigenberger, although the Marriot is only ...

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  2. The planned Itinerary

    Only a few days until delivery .

    Of course I spent a couple of days agonizing over the route. Especially since there is so much to see and so little time. And we have some family to meet as well.

    Anyway, here is the tentative schedule:
    • Day 0: Enjoy the day at Porsche Leipzig and do some sightseeing in Leipzig.
    • Day 1: Drive from Leipzig to Zurich. First we will follow the A9 to about Heilbronn where we will start heading into the Blackforest to drive

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    Porsche , Boxster 981S , Roadtrip , European Delivery
  3. A new Racing Yellow Boxster S has been "born"

    Got an email from my sales consultant today.

    The order status changed to CMPPRD.

    It was a September production month with a completion date 10/8/2012.

    Decoding the VIN number tells me - among other things that the car is indeed a Boxster 981, has been manufactured in Stuttgart, is model year 2013 and was the 2831th Boxster off the assembly line.

    Now the car will have to wait 10 days for us to pick it up.
  4. Update on the Order Status and Hotel booking

    Of course I have been asking for my weekly status update and also booked my hotel room in Leipzig.

    Weekly Order Status Update

    Thomas, my very patient sales consultant (who may be reading this ) forwarded me a very promising update: my car is now in order status TDFINP with a completion date of 10/6.

    The completion date indicates that Porsche still is running Saturday shifts even with Osnabrueck being online now.

    Interestingly, I ...
  5. Searching the Web for interesting road trips & experiences with the Tourist Delivery

    As I mentioned in my previous article, you are most likely not immune to look for interesting informations about road trips to get inspired by their stories, routes and pictures, and to get some more information about other people's experiences with the tourist delivery program. In this article, let me share some of my findings. I will be a bit selective, since I don't want to overwhelm you. If you have your own favorite webfind, please share it in the comment section!

    Online Resources ...

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    Porsche , Boxster 981S , Roadtrip , European Delivery