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    Hello, I wanted to say hello to everyone here, I just bought a 2007 C2S with 8,000 miles. I am currently overseas and looking for some advice about what mods are "smart" to do to my car while I am gone. This is the first Porsche I have owned and going from a Saturn to a Porsche is, nice, to say the least.

    I am looking into what the best options would be for replacing the center stack to something more modern, without loosing any of the functions available.

    Also into adding an amp, and better speakers.

    And whatever is the best option to use minimal mods to increase performance.

    I am reading a lot of the posts here and any advice would be great and very much appriciated.

    As a younger guy (29) I want to make my car unique, but not look like I'm trying to play street racer.

    I thank everyone again and if anyone knows a good business around DC that does a good job, please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: New to Forum

    Welcome! As a recent owner myself, I also looked at simple mods to do. First and easiest are clear side markers if you don't have them already. Easy DIY. I next added the Dension to my PCM so I can play my iPod and flash drive mp3s. Later, I'll switch to some forged wheels (for lighter weight than stock) and add an aerokit. I've always loved the look of the aerokit on 997s.

    Power-wise, I'm totally happy. I know I didn't buy a 997s for drag racing, so I"m not worried bout that yet. at most, I'll do a Tubi exhaust for sound, x51 headers, *maybe* cats and Softronicicon. The day I can utilize more power, I'll probably want a Turbo or GT3 =) Oh yeah, and I'm planning on doing PSDS with my wife some day!


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    Re: New to Forum

    Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the trip as much as i do...As for smart mods.Clear front side markers are a safe bet.As for the rest,my advise would be to look around alot take your time and make mods that you are sure you can build upon.Choose a plan of attack.a vision if you will and stick to it.To me nothing looks worse than a car that looks like an after market parts bin....Now i've just opened myself to attack,Some i'm sure could say that about my car

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