by: josch

Description: Hello,I followed the instruction from K-Man S to DeSnork my Cayman S 2008 and at the end I did it. But its not so easy at the real object.At the end the following tools helps a lot.Hazet 1965-20 and Hazet 1965-21 interior toolFlat scredriver 3,5mm * 50mm and some TESA textile cable tape arround the shaft of the scredriver to save the paint (see photo). By using the tools a good head lamp helps to coordinate the scredriver to the righ place of the clip. You have to lift it very hard!In additional I installed a K&N air filter and modified also the air filter holder. In comparison to the article here you see through the pipe not black plastic arround the filter, you see my the K&N Filter directly (In there for 2 years already).