This was a new client, he was referred to me by someone he met on a jobsite. Apparently that gentleman had a friend who had work done by me and he told a bunch of his friends and voila. This Cayenne was suffering some swirls and after decontaminating the paint a good number of scratches to boot. It was supposed to undergo just a single step correction, but as you will see, it needed a little more in areas.
Stuff used
Werkstat Soap
Exclusive Blue clay
New Rim cleaner (supposed to be like AG CWC)
Solvent free tire dressing
Some buffers and some polishes with some pads
The start

Stripping the paint

After strippage

Under the lights

Forgot my creeper, had to use the 2BM


Bumper was tough, bad scratches and seemed hard as rock compared to the paint

After a lot of loving

Panel to panel

After, waxed with RG Black Label

Thanks for looking