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What is the name of the newest Porsche sport utility vehicle?

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Planet 9 LogoSite Rules

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

Although the administrators and moderators of Planet-9.Com will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners, administrators or moderators of Planet-9.Com, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message. The owners, administrators or moderators of Planet-9.Com are not responsible for the actions of any advertisers or sponsors of this site and you agree to hold the owners, administrators and moderators of Planet-9.Com harmless from any liabilities that arise out of any actions or interactions involving any advertiser, sponsor or partner.

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The owners of Planet-9.Com reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. It is a violation of our website rules to create more than one user account. While family members may create an account, if any family members is suspended or banned the entire family will also be suspended or banned.

Welcome! You may not be aware that many of your questions have already been answered. So please take a few minutes to read our developing FAQs and use the forum Search Function, Files and Articles sections before posting a question. Our moderators say thanks. And if you find an answer but need more help, feel free to join that existing topic instead of starting a new one that duplicates it and makes future searching more difficult. You will also find links to similar or related topics at the bottom of each topic page.

Members are expected to post their topics in the correct forum. Topics which are posted in the wrong forum will be moved by an administrator or moderator into the correct forum and a link to the moved topic will be left in the incorrect forum for a period of not less than 24 hours to help members find the topic in its proper location. If you disagree with the topic move please notify the admin or moderator within 24 hours and we will explain the move and/or move the post back if warranted. If you do not object to a move we will assume that you agree with it.

Opinions are different from facts. Please make sure you can differentiate between the two when originating or responding to posts. If you are in doubt ask the original author to clarify. Exercise common sense and be considerate toward your fellow users. Diversity of opinion and intelligent civil discourse is encouraged; by the same token, insults and “flaming” are not tolerated. Disagreeing with an idea of another community member is different from attacking that individual. Please keep posts free from Political, Religious and Sexual topics. These topics tend to bring out very personal opinions that can lead to "flaming" of other members and will not be tolerated. After all this is an automotive enthusiast forum and not the place for such discussions.

Unsolicited advertising is prohibited to protect the interests of our paying sponsors. If you are uncertain whether or not something you want to post will be considered unsolicited advertising please ask the administrator or moderator first before posting. Often we can help you edit your post so that it doesn't conflict with site policy but will still get your information across. We welcome sponsors and if you want to become a sponsor please contact us. Here are some important links: Advertising Packages and Sponsor List

Please do NOT list items for sale in the Forums. We have a Classifieds section where items can and should be listed for sale. Any for sale ads in the forum will be summarily deleted. Classifieds can be found here: Classifieds

Do not post any copyrighted materials unless you are the copyright owner.

Do not request CarFax accounts or other account information in an attempt to circumvent the account rules of other sites.  Due to copyright issues, please do not quote entire news articles from other sources; small excerpts and/or a link keeps things legal. Please provide a link. Please ask the administrator or moderator if you are uncertain and again they can help you overcome copyright issues. All submissions to this website, written, photographic, video or otherwise become the property of this website along with any copyrights or other rights therein.

Under no circumstances may you create alternate names, assume secondary identities or use someone else's name for your name. "Trolling" or "Troll" messages are not allowed or any message designed to inflame or cause turmoil among our members.,
We further reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove a user's privilege to post content in our discussion forums. While we do not make it a habit of editing or deleting a member's topic or replies, we do reserve the right to do so if that post violates site policies or in the discretion of the administrator or moderator warrants action. Suspended members who re-register with new accounts will have those accounts deactivated without notice.
The resources of this website are never to be used as a means to attack or harass any individual. This means that even private messages here are not to be used for profanity or to flame another member.

Please do not post the same topic in multiple forums, moderators will remove the duplicates if you do so. Sponsors are an exception to this rule they may post specials for members in multiple forums as long as it makes sense to do so, for example with a regional sale of products or services.
If a member has an incentive to promote products (either through direct financial compensation, discounted prices on products or other services) from a vendor than that must be disclosed in any posts by the member related to that vendor and/or the vendor's products/services.

This site will not allow the posting of any items that directly compare products or services from one sponsor to another sponsor without the expression authorization of all parties involved. We have witnessed how such comparisons on other websites have caused those websites to degenerate into conflicts and "flame wars" from which there is no winner, everyone, including the website loses. Therefore, in order to avoid any such unpleasant situations arising on our sites we are expressly forbidding the posting of such information. Sponsors are free, however, to post comparisons to standard Porsche products, for example a dyno run showing Product X's improvement over a standard car that ships from Porsche. Sponsors are also free to post something to the effect of "see our website for more details" and sponsors are of course free to post whatever they deem in their best interests on their own websites.

We also want to be clear that our members are welcome to post about their experiences with vendors both good and bad after those experiences (or issues) have taken place or been resolved. What we are saying is don't try to drag this forum into an argument between a member and sponsor to try and get resolution to your issue, that's not what the forum is for. However, after your issue is resolved you are certainly free to come in and say "XYZ vendor provided great service because" or "ABC vendor provided crappy service because" and tell your story.
We have seen instances of where a member has said "If you don't give me X I'm going to go talk bad about you on Planet-9 (or some other forum)" and that's not right, that's NOT how this forum is to be used.
Let's compare examples for a moment:
Example 1: A member comes into the forum and posts: "XYZ sponsor is a bunch of crooks, they sent me a defective part and I sent it back and they haven't sent me a replacement part yet and haven't returned my last 3 phone calls."
Example 2: A member comes into the forum and posts: "Has anyone had an issue getting in touch with XYZ sponsor? I've been trying to reach them for the past week about a returned part and I have't been able to."
Example 3: A member posts: "I bought abc part from XYZ vendor/sponsor and it arrived defective, so I sent it back and for a week was unable to reach them by phone. Finally, two weeks later I receive the replacement part. I think the delay was too long and they should have called me more, I didn't have a good experience with them."
Example 1 is NOT OK, there has been no resolution and the point of the message is simply to call names and inflame the issue they are having with the sponsor.
Example 2 is OK because even though there has not yet been a resolution to the issue, the user is asking for information about contacting the sponsor or if others have heard from the sponsor, etc. They are still seeking to resolve the issue but haven't been able to reach the sponsor. Maybe the sponsor's phone lines are down, or they are on holiday, etc.
Example 3 is OK because there has been a resolution and the member is providing their feedback on the entire transaction and why they think it wasn't up to their expectations.
A sponsor reading #2 could jump in and respond and ask for a time and number to call the member at and then follow up.
A sponsor reading #3 could respond that they regret that it took two weeks to get the correct part but that they are dependent upon the warehouse in Germany and although they failed to communicate that to the buyer this time, that in the future they will let people know that. A sponsor has the opportunity to explain and where possible improve their future service.
A sponsor reading #1 is just going to get defensive and probably send me an email or call me and say WTF? We don't want that.
We hope this helps clarify our position on postings regarding sponsors, particularly when there are issues that arise. In any instance of an issue with a sponsor, the member of the site is always welcome to contact a member of the staff before posting in the forum to ask for guidance.

Whenever there are no rules stated to cover a situation the administrators and moderators of Planet-9.Com will have final say in any and all situations.


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