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Exterior Light Makeover - Part 1

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In this series, we replace all of the exterior light bulbs on the Cayman S with bi-xenon (Litronic) headlights.

The focus in this article is about which light bulbs are needed and what results can be expected.

Stock light bulbs are quite efficient in terms of output, but they are seriously lacking in terms of looks. Such a beautiful car deserves something better.

Several members have already commented on the errors contained in the owner’s manual regarding the various bulb specifications – thumbs up for their invaluable contribution :-)

This first article is about showing what results can be expected, to help make a decision on whether or not it is worth the time, effort, and $$$.

For a complete exterior light makeover, the following are needed : (also indicated are the types used for the present article, and the approximate price in USD)

2x HID D2S bulbs (Philips D2S Ultinon 6000K – 100$/bulb)
4x H11 bulbs (Hoën H11 XenonMatch – 29$/pair)
4x PY21W or 7505 bulbs (Philips PY21W SilverVision – 24$/pair)
2x W5W bulbs (Hoën W5W Chromium – 19.6$/pair)
2x C5W bulbs (Hoën C5W License Plate – 12.4$/pair)
2x H6W bulbs (Philips H6W BlueVision – 29$/pair)

Total price = 367$ + shipping

Non bi-xenon Caymans are not compatible with HID bulbs, however, a proper HID kit may be installed (which includes HID ballasts, connectors and wiring harness) - this has been discussed by other members and is outside the scope of this article.

For members living in areas where legislation requires daytime driving lights, some may get annoyed at having both the low beams AND the park lights activated all the time. A solution would be to get rid of the park lights altogether, in which case the H6W bulbs would not needed.

Here are some before & after pictures for comparison :

Why, oh why, purchase clear sidemarkers and leave an orange-colored bulb inside ???

No more of that fried-egg look... :-)

The H11 additional high beam casts blue highlights of varying in intensity according to the angle of vision. This shot gives an idea of the higher intensity of blue reflection that may be seen (please note that HID bulbs are colorless, and thus will not cast any highlight if used on their own). Some may love it, while others may not - it is best to be informed before reaching for the wallet. Please note that all beams are off.

Clearly, with regards to high beams, changing the HID bulb alone without simultaneously replacing the additional high beam defeats the purpose we are trying to achieve.

Notice the slight blue highlights cast by the H11 fog light bulb.

The H6W park light bulb is a subtle improvement over the stock bulb. Some may prefer to disable the park lights altogether. Notice once more the blue highlights cast by the unlit H11 fog light bulb.

Even in this nightshot, one can notice the orange tint of the stock left front turn signal, which is absent with the SilverVision bulb.

This image shows the subdued, yet stylish, purple hue of the Ultinon 6000K seen in daylight. Note that both HID bulbs were changed, as well as both fog lights.

As with other HID bulbs, the Ultinon 6000K change color within the first minute or so of being ignited. They start out deep blue and gradually become whiter. The end result is a white light with a tint of purple. Further away from the lights, the purple-blue highlights increase. These shots were all taken well over a minute after ignition in order to demonstrate as best as possible the final color, both at origin and at projection.

I hope these images are informative :-)

Perhaps I should add that I am extremely happy with these light bulbs. But I need to stress that this is a cosmetic mod only.

Pertaining to the intensity of light output, it is difficult to beat the stock Philips D2S 4300K bulbs - which is why Osram/Sylvania and Philips dominate the automotive market of OEM HID lighting with their powerful bulbs.

However, the 6000K HID bulbs used here (the highest temperature that Philips will market) are quite similar to the OEM Philips 4300K bulbs in terms of light output. Long 2+hour drives in darkness have produced no eyestrain whatsoever.

Japanese manufacturers sell higher temperature bulbs (8000K, 10000K, etc), but eyestrain may become a problem, and there may be issues with street legality.

To those members thinking of saving some $ by purchasing on online auction websites, be aware that the HID market is flooded with Korean and Chinese bulbs that, unfortunately, appear have significant reliability issues.

The remaining articles illustrate the installation process :

Part 2 - Headlight unit bulbs

Part 3 - Rear turn signal bulbs

Part 4 - Fog light cluster bulbs

Part 5 - Front turn signal bulbs

Part 6 - License plate bulbs


Keywords: Light Xenon Litronic bulb HID


K-Man S

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Review Date: Tue February 12, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: Looks like more light and better color balance
Cons: Somewhat expensive
Have you installed this Product or Mod?: Planned
Very well done article in terms of showing us what is required, and what the before and after looks like. One thing you might do is when you post your install instructions that you go back and edit this article to put a link to the other article and vice-versa to make it easier for people to find the whole series. I'll probably at least take a look at doing my fog lights, I dont' recall which bulbs are in the 997 assemblies but at least one bulb is different from the Cayman assembly FWIW...


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K-Man S
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Porsche Orator

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Review Date: Tue February 12, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: cosmetic clean look
Cons: blue reflection when lights are off
Have you installed this Product or Mod?: No
I have never been a fan of the blue bulbs, to each his own. The 6000K are actually too blue and are darker than the stock bulbs, I purchased the 6000Ks for my car then returned them the same night, they do look really cool but are not as bright in my opinion. your picture proves it. the left is a more yellowish color but the middle is brighter- the right is a deeper darker blue.


I agree with Ken adding installation instructions helps.

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some people like the regular stock factory look, cool people modify the car.
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Porsche Enthusiast

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Review Date: Sun February 17, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 0 
Have you installed this Product or Mod?:
So is this a true solution for those of us who didn't opt for the Xenon/Litronic option? Or these just a pair of blue bulbs found on most Civics/Integras and the like? Or is this similar to the HID headlights found on most Lexus automobiles (without the projector headlamps)?

I'm confused because I always thought a true Xenon modification would require at least ballasts?

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