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Porsche GT3 Front Grill - P/N 997 575 327 90

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Would you like to install a GT3 Front Bumper Grill without resorting to epoxy or bondo?

Using the factory fastening screws that can be bought with it?

Well this is indeed possible. If this interests you, read on.


Many folks have installed a gt3 front nose grill on their cayman front bumper. It’s a great low cost mod that looks great and which has considerable effect on the optics of the car – most folks love it.

Now to date there has not been a universally accepted way to mount it – most seem to epoxy or glue them in. This is because unlike the GT3 front bumper/nose, the Cayman's stock bumper does not have mounting provisions on the inside/underside of the bumper to receive the stock mounting screws.

Many threads have written about their install method, among them:

They are all worth reading and provide helpful hints & observations. After reading them, and if you decide to do this to your car, you can however proceed in the following way and avoid the use of epoxy, bondo, or glue:

1. Purchase GT3 grill. When talking to your parts guy, also ask for the associated fasteners (screws) that are used to fasten the grill in place on a GT3. The Porsche part numbers are as follows:
a. Grill: 997 575 327 90
b. Screws: 999 919 118 09

2. Remove the front bumper, as described on many other forum entries.

3. Mask the installation area off. Decide whether you want the “close in on the hood” or “some distance away” look. I opted for a 1” gap.

4. Lay the grill onto the masked area and carefully trace the outline of the grill onto the masked area. Mark the location where the cutout needs to make room for the roundish pegs (7 in total, visible in the attached image) that are on the underside of the GT3 grill, and which receive the mounting screws. Doing so will help the grill to penetrate properly through the bumper.

5. Make the cutout. I started with a exacto knife but this was tedious. An easier alternative is to drill 7 holes where you marked for the roundish pegs and then use a jigsaw to make the cutout. Use appropriate jigsaw blade. If you do that, it cuts like butter… very easy to work precisely. Obviously error on the smallish side and make it bigger if needed.

6. Insert the grill in it’s place, make adjustment if needed. It should “just drop in” without slop yet fully seated against the top surface of the bumper.

7. Use aluminum material or similar to cut and bend little “L” brackets. I got a strip of such material from ACE hardware. Cut them to the appropriate dimension so each is fitted per roundish peg. Drill each so that they can be used in combination with a mounting screw to retain the grill from the back.

8. Do a test and screw all L brackets in, making sure that the long end of each L fully pushes against the underside of the bumper material and pulls the grill into place. There should be no looseness or wiggling of the grill once fastened. I used some double-sided tape for the long end of the L bracket to push against. This gives you a little tolerance to work with and allows the L bracket to dig in slightly. Works great.

9. If your are concerned about the tip of L brackets being visible once all are installed, pull the L brackets off and paint them the color of your gt3 grill (black, unless you are painting it). I used black electrical tape to make the L brackets go “black” such that the tip of bracket can’t be seen from the outside once it’s all done.

10. Optional: I have front, side and rear meshes on the various openings on my car and so I used the same material to create a backing mesh for the GT3 grill. This also helps obscure the internals of the bumper which otherwise become pretty visible when one gazes into the GT3 grill from above (once all is in place and otherwise finished). I got my mesh from - a 36” x 6” rectangle is plenty enough to do the job. Once you have it, just lay the mesh across the otherwise installed GT3 grill from the inside/underside, and cut it to rough shape; then work it across the inside of the grill and bend it appropriately along the edges as shown. Once it is shaped, remove all of the GT3 grill fasteners; put the mesh on to the underside of the GT3 grill, and use the same fasteners to fasten both the mesh and the GT3 grill together into place.

11. Mount the bumper and you are done. Voila – looks great, no epoxy and thus can be replaced if ever need be – not that this is likely the case, but what the heck, in any case easier to do then having to deal with epoxy or bondo – no body shop required!

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Review Date: Thu April 15, 2010 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: Well written and great idea
Cons: I wish the pictures were a bit bigger
Have you installed this Product or Mod?: No
Very well written. When I install my grill this is the way I am going. I just wish the pictures you taken were a bit bigger. Other than that great article and thanks.

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