P9 Pals:

At long last, I've finished installation of the ROTtec Carbon reclinable sport seats I purchased in December. It's been a long, hard slog, but they are in and I'm very happy with them. I was surprised that my wife actually likes them better than the standard Porsche seats. They are really comfy and hold you in very well in the sort of corners that can make your ears bleed. She says she's no longer "tossed around the car like a little doll."

Here's a closer look at the passenger's seat w/ belts:

BTW, these Schroth Enduro belts are the ticket! Very quick and easy to adjust the strap lengths, which is great for my students when I give demo rides at the track. Anyone who has struggled with standard Schroth belts knows they can be a little difficult when you're in a hurry to get back on track with a new victim and you need to make quick adjustments.

Here's a view of the belts stowed away for the drive home. The 6 point Schroth buckle stays attached to the sub belt. It slips under the bar pull for the slider and stays there very nicely. If you didn't know it was there, you couldn't tell sitting in the seat. Cushions just Velcro to the seat. You can adjust the effective height of the seat by changing the amount of padding in the cushion. There is no height adjustment, no thorax air bag, no seat sensor and no heat.

Still trying to find someone who can turn off the air bag and seat belt warning lights. My Durametric Enthusiast version won't do it. You have to pony up for the pro version. I've asked one dealer and one independent shop. They're both afraid of getting sued. Where do I sign?

Here's a view from the hatch. The shoulder belts mount to the Heigo bolt-in roll bar crossbar. This bar also serves to stiffen the rear suspension points a bit as it attaches to the upper shock towers. Driver's belts are Hans compatible. The center of the crossbar has a big strip of soft Velcro stuck on it to keep it from scratching guitar cases. This car serves duty as my blues hauler on Tuesday nights. A small amp and my pedal board fit nicely in the front trunk.

The belts need to thread through the top holes in the seats because I'm just too tall for the low ones. The buckles and adjusters don't fit through the holes. This means, the shoulder belts have to stay threaded through the seats unless I unlash them from the rear crossbar.

I'm still fooling around with various ways to stow the belts while their attached to the seats. This seems to be the best. They don't rattle on the backs of the seats this way.

OK, now the bad news: Kids, this is not a "plug and play" sort of project. I think these seats are still in the development phase. Ray at ROTtec is a very nice guy and did his best to help me out, but there were a ton of problems.

Also know that these seats are not approved by anyone for use in a car on normal streets, let alone at a race track. Don't expect to be allowed to do Club Racing or SCCA races with these. OK for DEs but not for serious racing. I previously bought a Profi XL for the driver's side only and was going to go with that, but I'm just not enough of a racer boy anymore. Wanted something that would work on the street better. They are a good compromise if you want to race and drive on the street, but I'm not going to race.

The seats were not made for use with 6 point harnesses. I had to make the holes in the bottom and add a sub-bar, which was kindly supplied by Ray at ROTtec.

I'm blessed with a great garage and a nearby factory that allows me to borrow special hand tools and even machine tools in a pinch. I've received training as a tool and die maker and several other vocations after college. My function in life is sort of a sales engineer, putting customers buying high volume stampings on the right path to the best functioning stuff at the lowest price while creating the least hassle for our plant. (I'm not a real engineer but I play one on TV.) To do this, you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the shop, the needs of the customer and the relative costs of things involved. I'm not expert at performing mechanical processes but I'm exposed to them daily and work with experts in several fields. I have a lot of mechanical aptitude and interest or I wouldn't have taken this on.

Hope this is useful for those who've asked for photos of my seats when they got installed. Sorry about the dirty winter mats. Weather's still a little iffy around here and I don't do Spring cleaning until it's actually Spring. We may still get some snow.