G'day folks,

I bought some aluminum sports pedals from Suncoast recently, installed them today. The pedals can be found for $99.95 on Suncoast's website

Sport Pedal Set - 2005+:Porsche Parts & Porsche Accessories - Wholesale Porsche Parts & Tequipment - Cayman Panamera Cayenn

These are not Porsche Tequipment accessories, they're more than likely imported by Suncoast..awful nice pedals especially for the very modest price.

The instructions were kinda hard to follow so I made some notes as I went along, forwarded the same to Suncoast in the event they want to provide them to their customers. This is relatively easy to do but sure helps if you do yoga regularly Awrighty, so here's the instructions

9X6 & 9X7 Aluminum Sports Pedal with Trac Grip Installation Guide

Dead Pedal- start with this first as it’s the easiest

1) On 986 and 996 vehicles remove the screw from the dead pedal.

2) Apply masking tape to the dead pedal, then position the new sports pedal. Once you’re happy with the positioning use a pen to mark the three holes in the pedal, drill out the holes with a 7/64” drill bit. Remove the masking tape.

3) Screw the aluminum dead pedal down with the footrest pedal screws supplied in the kit.

Gas Pedal- this is the next easiest to install as it too uses self tapping screws and the pedal is plastic

1) Wedge an object (scrap piece of wood) behind the gas pedal to limit movement.

2) Apply masking tape to the pedal and align the pedal; note it is very important to maintain adequate clearance at the bottom of the pedal to allow for mats.

3) Mark the locations and drill out the holes with a 7/64” drill bit then remove the masking tape. Screw in the three self tapping screws

Clutch & Brake- a little more challenging but installation is identical for both pedals:

1) Remove the rubber facing on the clutch and brake pedal. You don’t have to drill, cut, or apply force to remove the rubber facing. Simply reach around the backside of the pedal and pull the cover off.

2) Apply masking tape to the pedal and align the new aluminum pedal, mark the holes with a pen.

3) Wedge an object (scrap piece of wood) behind the clutch/brake to limit movement.

4) Using a 1/8” drill bit, drill out the three holes.

5) Using the #6-32 bolts provided, slip them through the pedal holes and through the holes drilled into the clutch/brake pedal.

6) Reach around the back and get the screw started into the nylon nuts, make sure the nylon backing on the nut is facing away from you. Once it’s engaged use a pair of locking pliers to hold the nut still.

7) While holding the locking pliers on the nut use a #10 Torx screwdriver and tighten the screw down snugly.

Note: the dead pedal, gas pedal, and clutch are plastic and easy to drill through, the brake is metal and a bit more challenging.

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