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Fabspeed Maxflow Catback

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I've got my CS on blocks now. The wheels are off being powdercoated by Allied here in Houston. I will get them next wednesday.And the graphics guy is coming tommorow to do his magic. In the mean time while I await the catback I took the pse exhaust off it was very easy. The tools I needed were my shop gloves a 3/8 ths. ratchet 10 in. extension with flex knuckle 13 mm 10mm and a 15 mm socket and a long flathead screwdriver and a t2 bit. And finaly my floor jack and a 3 ft 2 by 4. The first thing I did was spray penetrating oil on everything that would need to be removed and let it soak overnight . A must if you want it to go smooth . The 3 13 mm nuts holding the exhaust were my next task. But before I removed them on both sides there is a plastic shield up into the inner liner. They must be removed to get to the very back flange nut holdining the exhaust. 2 -10 mm plastic nuts and the t2 screw are all that holds them. And I put the nuts back on as well as the screw as not to damage the threads accidentaly. Plus they will not get lost this way as well you make sure the flange gaskets do not get lost or damaged. Every bolt was done this way ecspecialy the flange bolts . Good practice and common sense in taking extra precaution is a good thing. After removing the flange bolts I took the exhaust tip off 15mm for that and this was sprayed with lube as well so I would not have to fight it. The next step was putting the floor jack in place and setting my 2/4 board under it to hold the load. Then I loosened the 2 ring clamps that are on the cats and slipped the down and away from the exhaust bracket. The next thing instaed of trying to remove the entire exhaust bracket I found it much easier to remove the 2 pieces that the ring clamps hold. There were 4 13mm bolts holding these 2 on either side. After this I used the flat head to work the flanges over the studs and pulled the whole sytsem back. After that it was just a matter of lowering the jack and working th 2 pipes over the shafts. It dropped right out. Then I removed the rest of the exhaust bracket. So now I await the Maxflow and see how well it fits. I will post pic's of everthing shortly. I may be going back to active duty so I have everbody really doing some solid things for me. Not gonna get all teary eyed and can't disclose what deals were made but God I'm glad I'm american. and to you guy's who have been helping me with advice thanks. And TX KMANS you tha man
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Review Date: Sun October 19, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: Quality of the system, all stainless, ease of installation
Cons: Haven't found any
Have you installed this Product or Mod?: Yes
This system is gorgeous to look at even before installation. It is obviously high quality in design and construction. The sound it produces is what a Cayman should sound like out of the box. It has a deep, basso, tone, not raspy or shrill, but even at low rpms you know it's there, windows up or down. Step on the throttle hard and it sings... turns heads everywhere. I know it is wasting precious gas, but I can't resist blipping the pedal just to hear it. The throttle response seems a little quicker, too. I had been leaning toward a Borla and now that I've heard both, the Fabspeed definitely gets my vote.

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