I must admit when I first heard about the Sprint Booster I thought it was some "as seen on TV" kind of product like one of those pellets you put in your gas tank to get better gas mileage. Well when I am wrong, I am the first to admit I am wrong and in this instance, I was wrong. Not only is the product a legitimate product, but it makes a tangible impact to driving your Cayman and has a potential performance benefit as well.

The product comes in 2 versions, one for a manual car and one for an automatic. I have both products here courtesy of our sponsor GMP Performance - www.gmpperformance.com - who at the time of the writing of this article is currently running a special on these products for $299!

I tested both versions and found that version for the automatic to be a little more mild than the one for the manual, but both make a noticeable difference to the throttle response for the e-gas on the Cayman. What is it like? Well here is a video I shot of the manual version on my car and taching the engine up.


Notice how fast the engine rpm's rise and there is no hesitation when I step on the gas pedal, it is blam and away you go! I liken it to having sport mode turned on and getting the different throttle mapping from Porsche when in sport mode, in fact, I tried my car in both sport and non-sport mode and really couldn't tell much difference in the throttle response, normally there is a significant difference between non-sport and sport. In essence the Sprint Booster seems to give you direct e-gas control all the time.

Some have reported that it is easier to heel-toe with the sprint booster, since I normally run my car in sport mode on the track I would have to concur with that statement in my experience getting a more reactive throttle meant less time having to stand on both pedals to get my shift completed while on track.

So what if you have ECU tuning that turns on sport mode and you have the sport throttle mapping from Porsche all the time, are you going to notice much change with the Sprint Booster? You might notice a little, especially right off idle, but it won't be as noticeable as non-sport with Sprint Booster would be. In fact I think that's the sweet spot for this product, if you didn't order sports chrono from the factory and don't have sport mode, then this product can give you a similar experience to sport mode but for less money than either a full ECU tune or ordering sport chrono from the factory.

For those people who hate the sport chrono stopwatch on the dash, but still want the sport throttle experience, this is an ideal product. It also happens to be pretty easy to install, here's how:

First, I tried to unclip the fitting from the top of the gas pedal controller on my car without removing the gas pedal unit itself and just couldn't get the clip to budge or the wire to come free. Rather than break something I decided to remove the gas pedal unit entirely. To start, remove the single philips screw holding the unit down.

Once the screw is out you pull up and out (away from the floor) on the gas pedal unit, you might have to wiggle it a bit, but it latches down into the metal of the floorpan shown in this photo:

Here I have pulled up the pedal unit and rotated it so that I could get a good look at the clip and how to take it off:

I found sliding a thin blade screwdriver down in here and prying up slightly was what allowed me to free the connector and separate the wires:

Coming apart now!

And here is the end of the connector:

Here is the entire gas pedal unit and module sitting on my garage floor. Of course I have an aluminum pedal attached so mine might look a little different.

Here is the most important part, looking at the connection on the gas pedal controller unit. Notice how it is keyed with 2 blocks at the top and one at the bottom, that will help you orient the Sprint Booster module correctly.

Slide the Sprint Booster onto the controller, notice how the 2 keyed bars are the top slide into the Sprint Booster piece.

All that remains to be done is to plug the wire with connector into the other end of the Sprint Booster now and put the gas pedal unit back in place and tighten down the philips screw. Make sure you have the gas pedal plastic piece hinged down inside of the floor pan sheet metal opening, it needs to catch at the bottom, and slide down in snugly then the philips screw simply pulls the pedal down and holds it in place. If the bottom isn't catching your gas pedal will be loose and potentially dangerous, so take the time to get it right!

That's all there is to it, fire up your Cayman and go for a drive and feel the additional boost from the Sprint Booster!