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Mantis Sport Sump Extension

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This article discusses the installation of the Mantis Sump extension kit with the windage tray. A previous article described the install of an earlier version. The kit consists of the spacer, windage tray, pickup extension, and hardware. The spacer and the tray are shown here.

The kit includes longer sump fasteners, extension for the oil pickup and O rings.

Another item to consider when doing this mod is the installation of a pair of 996 107 080 54 oil separator/defoamers discussed in

Clearance holes will have to be cut in the windage tray to allow the defoamers to be installed. Here are a few photos of the two inch diameter clearance holes for the 996 oil separators.
You will need one tube of Locktite 5900 ( Pelican Parts or Porsche dealer as 000 043 204 35 ), ~ 10.5 quarts of oil for refill, a new filter while you are at it. Common Porsche tools will be needed including a E10 torx socket for the original sump blots, a torque wrench for 85 inch pounds to tighten the pan bolts and a tool to cut the oil baffle. After draining the oil the pan was removed as shown here.

You will need to unbolt the oil baffle for some trimming along the bottom of the baffle as well as the side to clear the extended pickup. The baffle gets bolted to the windage tray.

Here is the Fein multi tool I used for trimming.

After cleaning up the block and pan and trimming the oil baffle I did a dry fit of the assembly ( engine pan, spacer, windage tray ) to discover the oil baffle interefered with the extended pump pickup.
Here is the oil baffle trimmed to clear the pickup and bolted to the windage tray.

I sealed the pickup extension with 5900 because the O ring did not protrude enough out of the pickup extension.

Here is the extended oil pickup installed.

Here is the dry fit stack.

I assembled the sandwich using the 5900 and then bolted it to the block. You have about 5 minutes to assemble everything before the 5900 starts to harden.
Here I've made the cake starting from the bottom up: the oil pan, spacer and windage tray.

I torqued the bolts to 85 inch/lbs starting outward from the center and waited a day for the 5900 to cure just to be safe before refilling with oil. I added a total ~ 10.5 quarts of oil in stages.

I trimmed the under pan to clear the assembled sump kit.

The sump extension does extend a bit low but I have a stock suspension and 18 inch tires with no PASM. Here is a rear view of the installation. The oil filter shown in the second photo at the top of the article on the LN Engineering spin adapter is the Wix 51042. In the following photo the Wix 51522 longer filter is shown installed. The longer filter is within the envelope of the Mantis sump extension.

Since I was under the car I replaced a few engine hoses and installed the LN Engineering 160 degree thermostat.

The vacuum coolant filler made it a breeze to put fresh coolant back in. This unit is called Airlift 550000 made by Uview and I got it from Amazon. It comes with adapters that allow it to fit snugly where the coolant tank cap goes. Here the cooling system has been evacuated using shop air. It only takes a minute or so. You can check for leaks by watching the vacuum gauge on the tool.

. After swapping to the coolant fill hose the coolant is drawn into all parts of the system by the vacuum. You need to have the ignition on and set the temp control to hot to get the heater core filled. . I did not have to top off the cooling system after filling it with the vacuum filler, it is my new favorite tool.

UPDATE 5/19/12: Installation of Tarett/EBS Racing oil baffle with the Mantis deep sump and windage tray. Here is the oil baffle before I assaulted it.

Today I tackled the installation of the Tarret ( actually EBS Racing ) oil baffle into my Mantis deep sump with windage tray along with the an oil and filter change. Here is a photo of the trimmed oil baffle bolted to the windage tray.

I cut the "nose pieces" ( straight & curved ) off of the the front and made a cut out in the oil baffle to clear the extended pickup tube. The hole in the windage tray also had to be widened to allow the oil baffle edges to fit down into the windage tray.

I installed the windage tray first onto the block followed by the sump extension and original sump so I could work the windage tray and oil baffle into position.
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Thanks for the addition to the Article section!

Actually, I'm kind of interested in the Airlift kit - is it the 550000 or 550500 (economy kit which just uses the cone adapter)? Did you just drain your coolant into some large container, and then reuse the same coolant (which I understand is what the Porsche techs do)?

It seems that would come in very hand if you ever have to replace the water pump (which have been known to fail in a few cars).

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Pros: I like "Old School" technology
Cons: Mantis instructions would benefit by including this article
Have you installed this Product or Mod?: Yes
I did this install this past week and the article was very helpful. Everything needed to be trimmed per the article. We decided that the rubber flaps on the stock baffle needed about 3/16" trimmed off so that they would close properly. I didn't have 24 hours to wait for the sealant to cure, drove home after an hour. No puddle on the floor the next day.
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