This article discusses the installation of the WEVO sport engine mount into a 2007 Cayman 2.7L shown here at Tarett's website: The sport engine mount can improve the responsiveness of the car. ( Witness the 981 with computer controlled mounts )

The result of this mod has quite an impact in the cabin: You will feel alot more vibration in the seat and the steering wheel. The sport mount seems to make sport exhaust seem louder as well. Full disclosure: I removed the sport mount after a week of driving.

The sport engine mount fits in place of the stock engine mount in the existing housing. You will need a friend with a press or a machine shop to press out the stock mount and press in the new one. I used a 2 7/8" diameter piece of pipe as a driver to press the stock mount out and used a 3" PVC coupling as a receiver. Taking care of Volvos for 30 years left me with a 12 ton press that I kept long after the Volvos were gone. To start this project you will need to safely raise the car on stands and remove the under trays. The engine needs to be supported for this job by a jack so you can lower and raise it while you worry the mount out of the car. The cooling pipes also need to be loosened from their tie downs so you will have room to get the mount out.

In the collateral damage department I found I had to remove the tail pipes so the front of the engine could be lowered enough to get one of the bolts out.

A 15mm gear wrench is essential for this job.

Don't forget to remove that small bolt that ties the mount to the engine and requires a T-27 torx bit to remove.

You don't have to remove the front engine cover as all the bolts are accessible from below. (I did but found it was not necessary). Once you have the mount out of the car you will have to unbolt the mount and press out the stock engine mount.

The sport mount poly bushing can be pressed in by hand about half way but then it was back to the hydraulic press for the final installation.

The internal pieces of the sport mount are joined by two allen head bolts. You will have to trim the internal opening of the rubber stops that go on either side of the mount as the sport mount is a little larger. I used blue thread locking compound on all the fasteners. The engine mount to the engine yoke bolts (2) need to be tightened to 48 ft/lbs. The reassembled mount then needs to be wrestled back into the car and first attached to the engine. The four bolts should be torqued to 34 ft/lbs (only the bottom two bolts were accessible to my torque wrench). Then carefully raise the engine and attach the four nuts that hold the engine mount assembly to the body. These nuts are torqued to 48 ft/lbs. Reattach all the cooling pipe tiedowns and reinstall the under trays.