The original price for Porsche discs and pads of all 4 wheels is about 1100 Euro. Including sensors, repair set and vibration plates.

For the half of the price you can replace alls discs, pads and the parking brake pads for 600 Euro.

To do that you the the following tools:
T55 Torx socket key (Hazet 992 LG-T55) for the calipers. I read in some articles that at US cars 10mm hexagon screws were used. I have a german car and there the torx version is build in.
Hazet tools 2730 and 4964-1 to change the parking pads easily. To push back the brake cyclinders I used a special tool (see photo with tools).
To get the brake pads out you should first releaseing the vibration pads from the pads with a small screw driver. Then take a big screw driver to push the pads out. Set the shaft of the screw driver onto the brake disk and then push the pads out. It need a little bit power because the vibration pads are glued with the pads.

From Continental ATE you need the following part no. for Cayman S (2005-2008, 217KW):

ATE parking brake pads: 03.0137-3002.2
ATE disc RA: 24.0124-0194.1
OE Referenz PORSCHE 987 352 403 00
ATE disc FA-left: 24.0128-0131.1
OE Referenz PORSCHE 996 351 405 01
ATE disc FA-right: 24.0128-0130.1
OE Referenz PORSCHE 996 351 406 01
ATE pads FA: 13.0460-4842.2
OE Referenz, 997 351 939 03
ATE pads RA: 13.0460-4988
OE Referenz PORSCHE 986 352 939 10
Sensor RA ATE 24.8190-0922.2
Sensor for the front axle you have to buy at Porsche. Better change pads before the sensor is destroyed. One sensor costs 30 Euro and you need two of them.

The original Porsche braking pads are from Textar. The no. for the FA is Textar T4045 FF (46P) and for the rear axle Textar T4045 FF (43P). This time I used the original pads.

You shoul also buy 8 new Torx screws for the brake caliper at Porsche. Part No. for Cayman and Cayman S for front and rear axle: 900 073 402 01
You have to close the screws with 85Nm.

In additional I used 8 new screws for the disc fixation.
I didnt replace the 4 vibration pads at the front and I didnt replace the 8 single vibration pads at the rear. One time you can reuse it.

Some important remark for the assembly of the braking system:
1. Clean all parts very carefully. Especially the nave and track extensions. The must be absolutely planar. No rost, no paint, no paste should be between the nabe, disc, track extention and wheel.
That avoids vibrations in the steering wheel and its absolutely necessary for the safety.
To clean the nave use a special tool or a steel brush. To protect it against new rost use Ballistol Universal oil, never cupper paste ! Take some Ballistol oil on the nave. Wait 5 minutes and clean it with a cloth.
2. For the first 500km drive very carefully. Don't brake hard. It will destroy your new discs and pads. During the first 500km you have only 60% of the full brake power because the pads don't fit really to the disc. If you brake to hard you create localy very hot points/temeratures and the disc gets blue rings or grooves. Your new disc is damaged. But in critical situation safety first, brake hard !

Hope that helps you to save money.