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T-Design Memory Module

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Ever get tired of pressing your Sport button and your PSE (Porsche Sports Exhaust) button every time you start your GT4 up and get ready to drive?  I know I do.  I would prefer that Porsche would give owners the ability to set their own defaults and not have those defaults changed.   I know this is particularly troublesome for owners who have automatic start stop as an option and that Porsce has taken away the ability for owners to turn it off all the time if they don't want it on.

Well complain no more, T-Design has a nifty little module you can install that will allow you the owner to set your own defaults.  Hence the term Memory Module.  For me personally, that means whenever I drive my GT4 from now on it will automatically be in Sports mode with the PSE activated unless I decide otherwise.  Score one for owner preferences!  T-Design has put together a nice video (link to their site is below at the bottom of this article) that will run you through the basics of the installation process.  Although it isn't hard per se, I thought I'd take pictures and show some close ups of the install that I performed to help other owners who want to install this product and take back their freedom of choice.

Here are the steps I took and installation photos:

Start by opening the center armest to expose the center console trim.  On my car this is the yellow plastic surround part, by default these are silver.

Using a couple of plastic pry tools wedge them under the trim and slowly pry upwards in an even fashion.   You may have to wiggle the tools a little side to side as you pry upwards.   There are a total of 8 pins that snap into metal clasps and 2 centering pins for positioning.   I worked in pairs moving from the bottom near the center arm rest to the top just above the shifter.  You can see the bottom end lifted up below as I unsnapped the first 2 pins.

Work your way up carefully, take your time.  The pins are plastic and they can break.  I damaged the next to last pin I removed at the top but was later able to repair it with some hot glue to reinforce the pin.   I don't think Porsche necessary thought that this trim piece would need to come out a lot or else they would have made the snaps not so tight.  Once you remove the plastic trim piece there is a rubber trim piece below it, remove that as well as shown in the following photo:

Next you will want to remove the shifter boot which is pretty easy to do but you must start at the top nearest the dash as this point has two pins that engage into metals clasps and simply pop upwards, again using a plastic removal tool to assist as needed.   Once the front pops up there are 2 white plastic L shaped pieces that slide under the piece that says GT4 or Boxster or Cayman or whatever your car is.  Simply slide those out by sliding towards the front of the dash.  You can then pull the boot up enough that it is out of the way without needing to remove the shift knob.

Next you will want to remove that little plastic insert with the model label on it.  It snaps into place with 2 pins going into those same style little metal clasps.   This came out fairly easily on my car, again using the plastic removal tools to help pry it up.   I flipped it over so you can see the back and pins in the picture below.

Next you will need to remove the main switch panel or switchbox as some call it.  This unit is held in with 2 metal tabs on either side that exert pressure and snap into place.  The first set of lower tabs on either side came out without too much trouble but the upper two were tighter, perhaps because the piece was now at a bit of an angle, but with some working back and forth and even pulling upwards the piece finally popped out.   In the following photo I have turned the piece over so you can see how the original wire goes into the back of it.

The next photo shows the original factory wire plugged into the back of the new T-Design Memory Module.   Notice that the hole in the back of the module has a notch cut into it. this allows the little "L" shaped piece of plastic on the factory connector to clear and go into the module in only one direction.  If your wires are the same colors as mine that might help you with alignment as well.

The next step is to plug the wire that comes out of the memory module into the back of the factory switch box unit.  In this instance the plug could go on either way so you want to make sure you get it right.  Notice my alignment with the red wire over towards where the factory connector has the "L" shaped piece.  The opening in the factory switchbox is also larger than the fitting on the end of the module wire so you have to be sure you have the fitting lined up properly over the pins.  If you do then it should go down over the pins with a small amount of resistance.  If you aren't on the pins it practically falls into the opening so do make sure you have it on the pins or it isn't going to work.   Speaking of working, now is a good time to test everything to make sure it works before you put all the trim back together.

I'm assuming you've tested everything now and that the memory module is working and remembering your button settings after you turn the key off and back on.  So the next step is to mount everything in a secure way.   The first part of that process is to take the supplied aluminum piece with 3 pieces of double stick adhesive and bend it to fit into the shifter area above the exposed shifter cables as shown in the following images:

Peel the red backing off the adhesive and stick either side to the aluminum housing structure and then peel off the top backing piece and place the T-Design Memory Module on top and secure with a zip tie as shown in the next image.

At this point simply put everything back together in the reverse of how you took it apart.   Once I had the factory switch box back in place I wanted to test again before installing the final trim pieces so I did that in the following photos that show the buttons off initially, then I turned them on, turned the car off, turned the car back on and the buttons were now on by default.

At this point you should be done and ready to enjoy your new T-Design Memory Module!   Don't forget to check out their installation video as well at the link below.

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Just a note about removing the center console trim. If you have the brushed aluminum trim (this comes as the default on the GT4, for example) note that it is cast aluminum, not a finished plastic trim piece. Consequently it has different attachment tabs, which I found to cause significant challenges in releasing from the clips in the console. I will post elsewhere with more details about this, although the difference in fitment tabs has been noted elsewhere.

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Another sweet product from T-Design (I have a couple of phone holders in other cars). Install was easy, thanks to the Doc's DIY, and it works. Some may not understand what the big deal is with this product, but for me it's spot on in giving me the start up default options Porsche should have from the factory. 

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