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Various How to hardwire your Valentine radar detector

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PORSCHE Cayman S Radar Detector Easy Hardwire Install by RedRocket

Ok. these are the tools you might need

A Phillips head screwdriver, a 10mm socket or wrench, a pair of wire snips, wire stripper, Electrical tape or two sided tape, something thin and plastic so it wont scratch (I used a plastic drywall repair tool) a knife, and a small drill bit / drill.

A hardwire kit for your radar detector will also be required. I hardwired a Valentine 1, but any hardwire kit and detector can be used.

The first thing you do after assembling the tools is turn on some tunes and crack open a beer. Give yourself some time and enjoy this. If you are really quick it might take 15 or 20 minutes. It took me an hour, but I took my time.

Ok, now that the tunes are on and you've taken a few chugs of your beer, get down under and find that fuse panel.

There it is! open it up and find the three screws, 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom and remove them.

Wow! look at all those wires!

Let's not mess with need to. Instead, take your hardwire kit and strip the power wire. Now, wrap that sucker around a fuse. I used the second to last fuse in the second row. It is labeled.. Telephone ctrl mod on my cayman. Use that one or another that feeds power only when the car is on. Otherwise you will have to turn your detector on and off constantly. If you use one that supplies power only when the car is on, then you can leave your detector on all the time and it will not drain the battery.

Now, you are going to need to ground the detector. There is a ground wire that comes off of the power supply and there is a little bolt that is right near the fuse panel that is grounded and seems to work well.

Now, unscrew that bolt. On the Valentine 1 kit, I had to widen the prongs on the ground a little to get it to fit around the bolt like this:

Now, attach that wire to the bolt like this. plug your fuse into the fuse panel. It is going to go in a little tougher than usual but no worries. Once you get it in, plug in your detector to the hardwire kit and see if it works. Remember, the key must be in the ignition if you are using the fuse specified earlier. Ok..if it works great! If not, go back and recheck your steps. Make sure the wire is wrapped around the fuse and that your ground wire is connected properly.

Now you have to route the wire up and around to where ever you want your detector placed. Most manufacturers say the higher on the windshield the better. Mine is just to the left of the rear view mirror.

Remove the rubber stripping around the door and up towards the windshield (its easy, just pull on it and it comes right out. Also, remove the little piece of plastic along the side of the console here..again..its easy. Should pop out with a little pull around the edge with a flat plastic spatula or other forgiving tool. As soon as you pull out the rubber stripping.

Start feeding the power cord up behind the rubber stripping and along the trim. Some of you may be talented enough to remove more pieces and not have to tuck like I did. Either way, just feed that power cord around the trim. Use a plastic tool that wont damage glass or the trim.

Once you have tucked away the cord around the pillar and trim pieces, run it up and around the headliner toward the rearview mirror. You may need to use some electrical tape or two sided tape to hold the cord in place around the headliner since it isn't really tight up against the windshield. This part is pretty easy. Pull the slack out of the power cord and zip tie it in a nice little bundle. Here is what mine looked like:

Now, I drilled a small hole in the fuse panel cover and also made a notch to accommodate the power wire connected to the fuse. Here is how it looked..

Now feed that little wire (you will have to unwrap it from the fuse and then re-wrap it and plug it back in) through the hole and the notch and into the fuse. Like this:

Put all your rubber trim back in place, tuck everything in, and screw the fuse panel cover back on. Cover up the fuse panel and you are set to go!

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Actually, I dont think you need to drill the hole, on mine there is a hole right below the red emerbegy hood release, this goes through to the back of the fuse box.


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Thanks for the instructions on installing the radar detector. The overall finished install looks very clean.

I noticed a few things missing from the instructions that I'm hoping were addressed in the process, but missed in the description.

1. Disconnect the car battery before starting. Playing with the fuse panel with the battery connected makes me nervous. You won't get killed, but the car's electrical components may.

2. Ensure that when you wrap the radar detector power lead around the spare fuse that either the RD lead has an inline fuse, or that you confirmed that the end of the fuse panel fuse that you worked with is AFTER the voltage passes through the factory fuse, not before. The reason for the latter is that if you don't have an inline fuse in the RD power lead and you hooked up the RD power lead to the hot side of the fuse panel fuse, your radar detector is unfused. While it would be rare for the RD to short out, if it did, it might draw enough current to fry a wire somewhere in the car.

If you have a voltmeter, you can easily check which side of the fuse you should connect your lead to. With the car battery connected, remove the respective fuse from the fuse box and use the voltmeter to measure for voltage on both ends of the where the fuse would plug into. You want to hook your RD power lead to the side of the fuse that does not have the 12 volts present with the fuse removed. This means that when you do install the fuse, the power has to travel thru the fuse to get to the RD power lead.


Mike C.

Mike C.
2015 Cayman GTS
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Thanks for the article. I was able to wire my V1 in less than 40 minutes (not including the 20 minutes I spend looking for my 10 mm socket which I left on the ground nut).

One thing I encountered is that if you have the actual hot wire kit from V1 and you want to wrap the wires around the fuse, you may want to cut half of the tiny wires to make it easier to plug the fuse back.

Thanks again!
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I'm printing this thing out as I type. I have a V1 hardwire block sitting on the workbench in the garage, it just came in this last week. I used the one that came with the V1, in my A8.

A suggestion for a minor improvement to this -

Use the little brass clips that give you a spade-type electrical quick connect. I'm not keen on just wrapping wire around the lug of the fuse, per that procedure.

Here's what they look like, with link for more info:

Fuse Tap ATC Spade

I think I got a pack at NAPA.

06 Boxster S, Guards Red on black; wife's wheels. Replaced an '01 non-S.
I'm an A8 guy; she lets me drive the Boxster on weekends. ;-P
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I have PCM 2.1 in my CS. So Fuse B10 won't work for me, as my V1 will stay on. Then I found that a Fuse C6 (Rear Windshield Wiper) works great for me. It will turn on when car starts, shut off when the car is off.

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