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Porsche Visor Airbag Decal Removal

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It is easy to remove the airbag warning decals from the front side of the sun visors in a Cayman S. I have done this on several cars and never had a problem. The decals are the ones that look like this:

The first step is to gather the materials. You will need Goof Off. Goof Off is a harsh solvent sold in hardware stores in a little tin with a spout, much like the old cigarette lighter fluid cans. You must use this product, not any of the milder products available. You will also need masking tape, tweezers, cotton balls or make-up removal pads, a damp cloth, a dry towel, and some protective sheets or towels.

Gather the supplies and place them on your garage floor where you can reach them from inside the car. Cover the dash board with a towel to protect it. This is not necessary, but always a good idea. Next examine the decal on the side of the sun visor facing you when it is not flipped down - the side without the vanity mirror. That is the decal which we will remove. Note that the decal is slightly bigger than the printed area - there is a little clear border. Mask the visor area around the decal very close to the edge of the decal, but do not mask over the clear edge of the decal. Mask all four sides.

Moisten a cotton ball - personally I prefer the make-up removal pad - with Goof Off. How much? Enough to get the pad noticeably wet. Now rub over the decal in strokes both across and up and down a few times. You will very quickly see that small bubbles form on the decal. Rub across again up and down, side to side. Don't worry about the visor, the masking tape will keep it mostly free of the Goof Off. Within about 25 seconds the decal will begin to loosen. Use the tweezers to pick at a corner. It should be easy to lift a bit of the decal in a corner.

It will feel rubbery, stretchy. If it isn't yet lifting or stretchy, rub a bit more Goof Off on the decal and wait another 10 seconds. When you are able to lift a corner, use your fingers to grab the label and pull it off, carefully peeling it back. Don't pull too hard or fast, you want it to peel off in one piece. If you put your masking tape too close, over the edge of the decal, then you may find that a little of the decal stays put. don't worry.

Once the big part of the decal is pulled off, use the pad with the Goof Off to wipe the remaining glue residue off of the visor and any remaining pieces of the decal. Wiping up the extra glue residue will not hurt your visor, it didn't hurt mine. Next quickly remove the masking tape. Then use the clean, damp cloth to clean up and remove all trace of the Goof Off. Then dry the visor. It should be perfect.

I found that there is a slightly raised backing for the decal in the visor, so it looks like a shadow of the decal remains in certain light. It is the shape of the visor, not anything on the surface of the visor.

It took me just six or seven minutes per side to do the job. The visor was completely unharmed and looks perfect.

Cautions: Don't leave the Goof Off on the decal for longer than necessary, I understand that it will melt the decal and it becomes messy and more difficult to remove. That has never happened to me, it has always just peeled off. Also, don't spill the Goof Off, it is potentially nasty stuff. You may find some way to hurt yourself, your car, your cat - I take no responsibility. Be careful, it should be fine
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Pros: Works like a charm
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This trick works like a charm! Just make sure you ONLY use the Goof Off that is recomended...
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Porsche Activist

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A big big warning on this. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use the goof off on the mirror cover decal. It will attack the plastic. Many here, including me, have learned the hard way. I recommend you try alcohol.
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Porsche Chatter

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worked great, thanks for the information. Much better solution than covering them up.
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Porsche Enthusiast

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Review Date: Mon July 6, 2009 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
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This worked great and was something inexpensive to do.

I wonder if there is any way to get the mirror stickers off. Like people who posted earlier - goof off will attack the plastic. Would a milder version (goo gone/etc) potentially work?


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Professor MSP

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Review Date: Sat August 29, 2009 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
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I removed all four airbag warning stickers using 91% isopropyl alcohol. This was suggested by someone else in an old thread on this subject, the claim being that the isopropyl alcohol is a much safer alternative to other chemicals. Based on my empirical evidence, it works flawlessly, i.e., all four stickers came off perfectly and there is absolutely no damage to the vinyl or the plastic where the stickers once resided.

For the stickers on the mirror cover, I first flipped up the mirror—I have a Boxster S so this made removing the stickers on the mirror easy. Then I soaked a paper towel approximately the size of the mirror cover sticker, and laid it on the sticker for about a minute or two. The sticker pulled off in essentially one piece. A few wipes with the alcohol infused paper towel on the area the sticker once occupied and there is literally no trace of the sticker's existence.

For the smaller rectangular stickers on the vinyl part of the visor, I just lightly rubbed the alcohol infused paper towel on the sticker for several minutes and it pulled away too, and then cleaned the surface as above. These two stickers did not come off in one piece and required a bit more time and patience, but they came off completely and with absolutely no damage to the vinyl.

I highly recommend the use of 91% isopropyl alcohol for removing said stickers.

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An update for those of you with Gen 2 Caymans. The sticker is different than the one shown in the article and probably the glue and vinyl also. I used the Goof Off per the recommendation in the article and the sticker did come off although I suspect they are using different glue as it took a lot of work to get it all off. However, the visor vinyl under the sticker was damaged/wrinkled and I thought that I would have to order a new visor. The next day the wrinkles seemed to come out. The vinyl will need a coat of some type of protectant as the surface was dulled by the Goof Off. I am pretty sure this will be an expensive part and so I would not recommend the Goof Off for Gen 2 cars. I would try the 90% alcohol next time.

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