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Sherwin Williams Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

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Garage floor: epoxy painting.
A project I meant to do as soon as I moved into my new home in late 2002 was paint the garage floor. I had seen several examples of painted garage floors and knew it was a very nice look and practical as well. The following step-by-step was from my experience last weekend in finally finishing this project.

Items you'll need:

1) Sherwin-Williams 2-part epoxy paint. They have brochures which show all the colors available. I used "Tannery" which is a beige / tan. Also popular is their dark grey, but I chose a light color that matched my house trim. The tan will brighten up the garage as well but the grey will cover any stains better. Sherwin-Williams will tint your paint to nearly any color in the spectrum. Part ‘A' is the paint tint (one gallon can) and Part ‘B' is the epoxy hardener (one gallon can).
2) You'll need at least 1 set (2 gallons) of paint to cover a 2 car garage. My two car garage required just over 3 gallons total (that means you'll need to buy 4 gallons, (2) Part A tint and (2) Part B epoxy hardener.
3) You'll need a 3" brush and a couple of roller-brushes (handle extension will keep you from being bent over while using the roller). Also, you'll need a roller pan to pour the paint into.
4) You'll need a small 3-5 gallon bucket to mix the paint in.


1)Step 1: The floor must be very clean. I swept first then used Comet and water and mopped / scrubbed the entire surface. I then used the garden hose to rinse out. I then repeated with comet 2-3 more times. I also used muriatic acid to remove a couple of rust spots. You could use (rent) a power washer to speed this process as an alternative. Bottom line, make sure the floor is very clean. I cleaned the garage Friday evening, painted Saturday / Sunday.
2)Step 2: Mix the paint (1 gallon Part A to 1 gallon Part B), stir for 5 minutes and let stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once the paint is mixed together the "clock is ticking" so you have to have the paint down over the next few hours. I did put what I had left-over back in the can and it did stay liquid for several hours, but it was starting to harden. Point here is once you mix the paint – you need to start painting (after you stir and let stand for 30 or so minutes).
3)Step 3: Apply like normal paint. Use a brush for corners (you should tape off any drywall that meets the concrete) and tight spots and use a roller for the floor. The paint spreads easily and it covers very well. You should put the paint on fairly thick if intending to get by with one coat or a bit thinner if your plan is to do two coats. You cannot mess this portion up as the paint is very much "dummy-proof". Just cover so there is no bleed through. You do not need to worry about brush strokes, etc, it is self-leveling.

4)Allow 24 hours to dry before applying a second coat. It should be dry to the touch. The second coat I "laid on pretty thick". Just follow step 2 & 3 again.
5)Allow 2-5 days to cure before putting a vehicle in the garage depending on the weather. Mine was completely cured in about 2 days with weather in the high-60's during the day / high 40's at night.

6)Miscellaneous: You can fill cracks with putty and allow to set prior to painting as well. The paint will cover / adhere to almost any surface. I don't think that will be a problem, although I did not have to fill any cracks. Also, you can utilize sand for traction, but the porosity and irregularities of the concrete in my garage made that seem redundant.

7)The results after painting are a high gloss, smooth textured finish. The floor has no noticeable difference in grip / traction from normal cement either wet or dry. The paint is non-stick and very simple to clean if grease / oil gets on it.

Submitted by: Paul D., 2-7-2006.
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Note, it looks like Sherwin-Williams no longer makes the garage epoxy paint. At least it is not on their web site.

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