GPS- based PSE valve controller for passing track sound checks for Cayman GTS


So I had a couple of buddies with 991 GT3 who has been meatballed at Laguna Seca for sound at 90 db days. One of the guys had this solution with GPS based PSE valve controller which I thought was brilliant. Marty over at Rennlist was kind enough to give me a run down on how it works on a 991 GT3. I figured a Cayman GTS can’t be that different. So I set out to do this DIY.


Since all of this information is available online, I will only comment on the differences between 991 GT3 and the Cayman GTS.


First thing I did was figure out how to remove the cayman engine cover. There is a nice DIY on planet 9.


NOTE that the cayman has two Solenoids and the PSE controlled is the one marked below in the pic




Then I went on to build the GPS valve controller using the following DIY



  1. Please solder all connections that you are crimping! It will make your life easier

  2. Buy a crimping tool if you don’t own one, it will make your life easier

  3. READ the DIY 5 times and then read it one more time. There is a lot of information in it and it could be easily missed













The following pic shows how I route the wire into the cabin via the passenger side child anchor.