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Porsche Tiptronic ATF, transmission fluid change/flush

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i had this groaning sound from my transmission that seemed to only manifest itself in 3rd gear at around 1700rpm-1900rpm or so in WOT, all the local dealers say its perfectly normal, nothing to worry about, especially around 5000 miles or so (been doing this for the last 4000, and the 1000 before that were the break-in miles)

what a load of bs "perfectly normal" turned out to be when i decided to pay for a transmission fluid change myself (see pic of drained transmission fluid)

so the car goes up on a lift, engine shield removed, and the rear sway bar disconnected:

remove the drain plug, and this ugly worn out brown stuff spews out:

then the transmission oil pan is removed along with the transmission gasket from the pan:

and in case you were wondering what the transmission filter looked like:

and then remove the filter:

change the filter, torque everything back up, and then installation is the reverse of what you just saw

and then the drained transmission fluid:

its actually a golden-ish color, the brown/black stuff is this powder like stuff that is metallic in nature, and floats around in uniform dispersion throughout the transmission fluid, but does settle a bit once you leave it alone for a while

in other words, EXACTLY what worn out transmission fluid looks like

(more pics to follow)

i sent a sample of the brown sludge to a crude oil analysis lab for mass spec analysis, and it turns out its some sort mineral oil based synthetic blend transmission fluid, group IV, noted composition identical to "ESSO LT 71141" except with an unknown friction additive, a high concentration of various metal powders, burned phosphorous, a few other phosphates and some moly

edit: a call to the regional porsche confirms it as ESSO LT 71141


the car shifts MUCH smoother after the fluid drain/flush and to feel the torque surge when shifting is incredible, even the throttle response feels better (though this one i think is placebo) and the groaning sound is gone i think (will test some more on this one)

total time required: 30 minutes (those people telling you to let the car sit overnight are outdated, there's at least a good liter or so overfill anyways, as long as the all the gears are "filled" its fine to run, which took me a total of 30 minutes to do with the right tools and a fill bottle)

tools/parts used:

- Porsche Cayman S Tiptronic Transmission Filter: 986 307 403 00

- Porsche Cayman S Tiptronic Transmission Gasket: 986 397 016 00

-6 quarts of ATF: (porsche recommends 000 043 207 00, NOT what i used, not going to fall for that one again, used a completely synthetic fluid this time)

T27 torx

deep sockets in assorted sizes

hex wrench set for the fill plug

and then a container for the drained oil, clean towels, and the ability to raise the car up at least a good 10 inches off the ground

remember to warm your car up before you start

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Porsche Chatter

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I have 55k on my tiptronic. Had it on a lift and got her warmed up and opened the fill plug first! It did not even make a drop in fluid. Shut her off and proceeded to drain the fluid. It looked just like your picture. Measured all the fluid that came out and it was at 6qts/us. The filter had this black powder type film on the metal part of the case. Ran a magnet through the fluid and also checked for metal. All was clear. The magnets in the pan had average collection of ferrous metal. Cleaned up the pan like a surgeon! Installed new filter, gasket and fill her up. Drained again and filled up and did it once more. I had a 5 gallon drum and I won’t need to do this for another 30k to 50k. It requires patience, planning and cleanliness. As like all of you, I searched and searched about the intervals. Per Porsche 90k, yes. At about 45k based on what I found in my fluid would put many people at ease! I kind of equate it to either taking a bath once a day or twice or even three times a day. How comfortable do you like to operate? Will post my seat of the pants dyno after a few weeks. Enjoy it!
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Porsche Prophet

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I've never serviced a cayman tranny. Yours are the best instructions I've encountered, but is there a way to check the fluid level, and how did you refill the fluid? My manual doesn't give any info, and having trouble finding anything online. Thanks!
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Porsche Prophet

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Review Date: Fri January 15, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 
Pros: pictures, writeup
Cons: no torque specs
Have you installed this Product or Mod?: Planned

Anyone have the torque specs for the pan and filter?

also what fluid did you use?

I'm not sure what synthetic to go with.

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