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Absolutely! When I had my 2014 981 Cayman, I received compliments like this on a regular basis. Of course, most people had no idea what it was but commented on the looks of the car. Now, with my 2018 982, which as @ronaldvetteron noted in his review is better than the 981 in virtually every way, the compliments keep on coming. And the confusion as well since this one is debadged.

The only "downside" I have yet to see on the 982 is that since it is black on black with 19" Cayman S wheels, just like the 981, my friends who do not own a Porsche or do not keep up with the marque do not realize I have a new, 2018 Cayman! Yes, Porsche design is timeless.
Actually the biggest difference between the two cars is the exhaust sound. Other than that 99.9% of the people can't tell the difference. Pre 981 models can quickly be identified by the air vents.