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Thread: Minimum oil level warning

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    Minimum oil level warning

    Last week I was driving my CGTS and when I pulled out of a parking lot with a very steep uphill incline, the bottom of the car made a ‘clunk’. I wasn’t happy but I assumed it was just the bellypan. About 5 miles up the road a warning light came on saying that I had reached the minimum oil level. I immediately pulled over and shut down the car. I checked underneath to make certain that I didn’t damage something more serious but saw nothing.

    I added a quart of oil to the car, and started it up, but I still got the same warning. I then let it sit for a bit and checked the oil. It said it was still low (below minimum). I added another quart of oil. Everything seemed ok, but about 10 min later I got another warning that I had overfilled the oil! How can that be? I’m going to do an oil change next weekend anyway, but do you think thAt the oil sensor could have got jarred on some way to make it act strange?

    Here are the warnings:

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    Re: Minimum oil level warning

    Unfortunately the oil level indicator is not immediate. It’s kind of an insult to injury kind of thing on top of not having a dipstick...

    After you add oil you need to close the hatch, start the car and then warm up the oil by driving around for a while. Then when the oil is up to temp (90c) you shut the car down, wait for a minute and then turn the key half on and check it.

    What happened is your first reading was meaningless - it was just repeating what it knew from before. The second liter overfilled it.

    I think it is about a liter between the bottom measurement and the top. I would have started by adding a half liter and then checking it as above.

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