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Thread: My Cayman at 11 Years old... what would you do?

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    Re: My Cayman at 11 Years old... what would you do?

    Exactly, we are all vulnerable as corner workers, being very close to the track to reposition downed cones as quickly as possible. That's one reason the DE's group requires another set of eyes to go over the car 1 month in advance of the event. Granted the owner can self inspect and sign off on the cars equipment, but he then assumes all liability in cases like this one, especially if he had injured an instructor in his self inspected car. Autocross car's are inspected before each event, but the inspectors are not looking at LCA's, brake pad thickness, high temp brake fluid freshness, but more like batteries tie downs, apples rolling around under the drivers seat that could wedge under the brake pedal, helmet certifications and generally a cleaned out car. They do pull on the tires to check wheel bearing tolerance, though, at least mine does.

    If this was a PCA event, I am sure, the chief safety inspector of that event, sent out a notice to all other PCA safety inspectors of this occurance as a FYI. I have not seen any inspector actually push the cars front down to test the suspension for squeaks, pops, clunks and other noises emitted from an old monoball bearing. I would assume that the other side monoball is close to the same shape, but may not have detached from the outer metal shell. I will ask our local tech inspector if he has received a PCA notice of this lower control arm failure. Its kind of important to all involved. I would assume the autocross was in AZ correct?
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