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The Planet-9 Insider program

The Planet-9 Insider program is designed to offer additional features and capabilities for members who desire them.  These features and capabilities are provided on a fee basis which can be paid either through credit card or PayPal via our payments gateway.  The Insider program is entirely optional, although certain features or access to certain areas of the site may only be provided to members who are a part of the program.  We consistently strive to make the value of the program far exceed the cost and we are always open to suggestions from our members on ways to make the program even better.  Here is a current listing of features of the program:
1. Porsche Buying Search Tool Enhancements If someone is interested in a Porsche they can pick up the phone and call a bunch of dealers themselves or they can use our search tool that would automatically search all US Porsche dealers for any new or used Porsche, along with the ability to select specific options. Insider members will be able to save searches or even set up queries that return results at a later date (*these features estimated to be operational in early 2015). If and when additional features are added to our tool, Insiders will always get these features first.
2. Special Discounts & Group Buys Today let's say a sponsor run a 10% off sale on car care products. That same sponsor might be offering 15% off for subscribing members only. As an alternative that same sponsor might be offering 10% off on all waxes but not polishes or orbital buffers, but the sponsor might offer those products at a discount as well for subscribers only. This was the "Sams Club" model that was recommended by our members. This might also involve group buys, and special features for those as well, the site would do some of the work of pre-negotiating with the sponsors to try to get extra savings, etc. 
3. No Classified Listing Fees, Lower Transaction Fees Insider members have no listing fees in our Classifieds vs. $3 and higher listing fees for regular site members. Additionally, if a sale takes place there is only a .5% transaction fee for Insiders as opposed to the higher 2% fee for regular members. While these lower fees currently apply to our Classifieds, if other areas of the site contain fees then Insiders will always pay less and save more vs. regular members.
4. Insider Discussions & Privileges Some items we simply can't post publicly, for example the sale price for Escort products. However, in a PRIVATE forum sometimes those rules change and we can post information that we cannot otherwise post publicly. These items are NOT posted today in the forums and won't be in the future, but some of them may be able to be posted in subscriber private forums. Want to help develop a new set of sway bars from a leading manufacturer? Right now one of our Insider members is being offered this chance!  Additional features are available to Insiders, such as our Keyword subscription feature where members can get instant alerts via email whenever a new message is posted in the forum with one of their keywords.
5. Priority Assistance Today you get the response level that moderators or admins have time to respond equally across the board. We are not talking about decreasing the level of overall service we are talking about giving priority to subscribers. Their inquiries, etc. will be handled first, again, not something that anyone is receiving today. This may expand as well to specific Q&A items as requested previously by our members.
6. Extra Privileges and Features Insiders have the following extra privileges or features over and above what regular members have or can do:
  1. (1) - Can Start Wiki Threads (regular members cannot)
  2. (2) - Can Search Porsches in detail (more features coming)
  3. (3) - Can subscribe to Keywords in the forum (regular members cannot)
  4. (4) - Storage for 1000 Private messages instead of 200
  5. (5) - Can PM 50 user at a time instead of only 5
  6. (6) - Can see Invisible members (regular cannot)
  7. (7) - Can create a Custom user title (regular cannot)
  8. (8) - Profile Pic 640x640 instead of only 320x320
  9. (9) - Avatar Pic (300x200) instead of only (200x125)
  10. (10) - Can Create up to 20 custom groups instead of only 5
  11. (11) - Can upload 1000 photos to albums instead of only 100
  12. (12) - Unlimited file downloads from Files section (regular has daily limit)
As new capabilities are added to the site Insiders will always get more and get features first vs. regular non-paying members.
If you are interested in joining the Planet-9 Insiders program you can sign up for one of the following options:

1 year - $25.00 - BEST VALUE!
6 mo - $20.00
3 mo - $15.00

To sign up for the Insiders program using secure Credit Card or PayPal - CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you on the Inside!

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