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    Just bloggin' a bit to see how this shows up in the new software...

    It's late, I'm tired and have more things to test.... I forgot how complex this stuff really is...

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  2. Seems that our robot has taken a break from auto inserting items like it should so I am posting this as a test of the feed...

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  3. Probably because I put them straight into articles in our Articles section. I need to start placing them here as well or at least some pointers. My most recent modification that I've documented was the set of Motor-Lux side scoops in Carbon Fiber.

    Here is the link to the Article:

    Stay Tuned for More!

    Updated 01-12-2015 at 12:51 PM by K-Man S

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by rfox2 View Post
    Quick pics...
    Yes one of our members took possession of his new 2010 Cayman today! If you haven't checked it out yet, look at this topic I've copied in, there are some pics and the car looks very sharp. Let the good times roll!!

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  5. New Blog entry for a test, need to upgrade the Blog area perhaps? Capristoicon



    Are the hyperlinks showing up?

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