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Fluids - OIL


Porsche uses what they refer to as "integrated dry sump lubrication".  Porsche describes this as:

"The Cayman S engine features the familiar integrated dry sump lubrication system. This serves to ensure a reliable  supply of oil at all times. Two return pumps draw the oil out of the cylinder heads. The oil is defoamed via a new, sophisticated return flow system of narrow pipes and subsequently collected in the integrated dry sump. The weight optimized oil pressure pump draws the oil from the sump and supplies it to the lubrication points in the engine. This principle guarantees an optimum oil supply, even under extreme conditions such as high lateral and axial acceleration. The oil supply system has been adapted to the high levels of stress on the crankshaft drive and the resultant requirements regarding the switching quality of the valve drives adjusting elements. The delivery rate of the oil pressure pump in the crankcase has additionally been optimized by reducing the axial play tolerances of the impellers." (reference #2)

Oil capacity is:

  • without oil filter approx. 1.98 U.S.gallons 

  • with oil filter approx. 2.05 U.S.gallons 

Recommended SAE Viscosity Range is:

  • above 13F/25 C SAE 0W-40, 5W-40, 5W-50\

  • below 13F/25 C SAE 0W-40

(see references and your owner's manual)

The Cayman S does NOT have a dipstick but measures the oil level electronically.  See you owner's manual for a description of how this works. Some oil consumption is also normal.  See your manual. Recommended service interval for changing the oil is 20,000 miles.

An information article on how to change your oil, complete with pictures, is provided by Reference 3, How to Change Your Motor Oil.

Porsche approved oils may be found in reference 5.


Some people may feel that 20,000 miles between oil changes is excessive.  An analysis of the initial oil in one person's car is provided in Reference 4, Engine Oil Particle Analysis.  Companies like youroil provide mail-in oil analysis services. 


  1. The New Cayman and Cayman S

  2. Product Information, Cayman S

  3. How to Change Your Motor Oil

  4. Engine Oil Particle Analysis

  5. Porsche Approved Oils

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