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Air Compressor

If you ever have to use the tire air compressor Porsche really means it when they tell us to plug it in cigarette lighter outlet. Otherwise plugging into the 12v outlet will blow the fuse.

Battery & Jump Starting

Due to the many electronics that draw on the battery it has a high probability of discharging if not driven for an extended period (or if a maintainer is not used). If the battery goes dead to gain access to the front compartment where the battery is you will need to use the procedures on 234 of the manual “Emergency unlocking of the front luggage compartment lid” If the battery is discharged, the lid can be opened only with the aid of a donor battery. Familiarizing yourself with this unusual method in advance is a good idea.

Brake Noise / Sticking Brakes

If after washing or in wet humid weather the car is left overnight with the parking brake applied the pads may become stuck to the rotors. You may hear some scraping noises the first few times the brakes are applied and is the pads scrubbing off the rust on the rotors. This is normal but can be avoided by driving enough to heat up and dry the pads before parking overnight.


The factory fog light bulbs are H11 (manual says H8) and an H6W (manual says W5W)for the "driving light" or "parking light".

Cup Holders

To lock the cup holders into place and prevent unnecessary movement, return the center portion of the cup holder bar to a closed position after extending either or both cup holders.

Fuel Filler Emergecy Access

There is a manual release for the fuel door in the front of the passenger door jamb (in a left hand drive car) near the the hinge.

Hood Alignment

On all Porsches, including the Cayman, the hood's leading edge is designed to be slightly lower than the bumper cover.

Ignition Key & Key Lock

Do not insert the ignition key into the ignition lock if the vehicle battery is discharged. The ignition key can no longer be removed. The key cannot be removed until the vehicle electrical system is supplied with power again.

Update: MY08 Owner's Manual emergency key removal procedure:

1. Open the fuse box and unclip a metal hook on the inside of the cover.

2. Use the hook to remove a plastic lid on the ignition lock to the right of the key.

3. Turn the ignition key counter-clockwise as far as it will go.

4. Press the metal hook into the opening and turn the key to its intial position and remove it.

Lane Changer

To indicate your intention when changing lanes, slightly depress the signal lever to the resistance point. The lever will return to the OFF position after three blinks of the signal light which indicates your lane change direction.

Noise when Reversing

If the steering wheel is close to or all the way to the steering lock the power steering pump may push against the lock and make a “clunking” noise which is normal. This can also be exacerbated by cold weather making the tires less pliable.

Oil Cap Condensation

The yellow/white gunk sometimes found in the oil filler tube is caused by condensation. A small amount of moisture in the engine oil is a normal byproduct of combustion. This moisture cannot be boiled off and escape through the PCV ventilation system if the engine is not allowed to reach full operating temperature before it's turned off. Because the Cayman holds nearly 10 quarts of oil, it can take some time to accomplish this. This is why frequent short trips are not recommended.

Oil Level

There is no dip stick. Oil measurement is done via a computer reading. The best time to check oil levels is the first thing in the morning before the car has been run when the wait time is under six seconds. Be sure to check the measurement when the car is parked on a level surface.

Passenger Air Bag Warning Light

Not in the manual but a common problem at least on ’06 models due to moving the passenger seat too far to the rear (other airbag information is contained in pages 42-48 of the 2006 US owners' manual).

Parking Lights

Like other European cars the left and right parking lights can be turned on individually by moving the turn signal up or down and turning off the engine (page 124). This is sometimes done inadvertently.

Rear Fog Lamp

You only have one (on the left side). Some people think that the one on the right is malfunctioning.

Remote Control Key

If the vehicle is not started or unlocked with the remote control within five days, the remote control standby function is switched off (to prevent discharging of the car battery).

Reactivation Procedure:

  1. Unlock the driver’s door with the key at the driver door lock cylinder. Leave the door closed to prevent the alarm system from being triggered.
  2. Press button 1 on the remote control. The remote control is now activated again.

Smell (burning odor)

The cars are protected with Cosmoline for shipping and delivery. It will burn off over time but there will be a distinct smell that will be observed during that time.

Smoke from tailpipe

A puff of smoke on start up is normal. Usually this occurs after a period of inactivity. The flat six in your car collects a little oil in the bottom of the cylinders when they sit, and this is what's blowing out when you first start the motor.


The sockets and thus the connected electrical accessories function even if the ignition is switched off or the ignition key is withdrawn. If the engine is not running and the accessories are switched on, the vehicle battery will be discharged. Do not operate additional accessories for more than 5 minutes when engine is off. (Page 140 of '06 manual).


There is no spare. Reading the instructions that start on page 224 of the manual and locating the tire sealant and electric pump ahead of the need to use it will save you a lot of tears later. Pulling the offending object that caused the flat out of the tire and then attempting to seal it seams to be a common mistake. Don't do it. Leave the object in the tire.

You also don’t have a flashlight/torch so that means flats will occur at night unless you come prepared.

Use only plastic valve caps per the manual (page 210 of the '06 version).

Winter Tires

Porsche recommends fitting winter tires where temperatures drop below 45 degrees (7C). The original equipment tires lose significant grip when used in the cold.

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