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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Posting a New Message in the Forum

I receive countless private messages and emails asking "How do I post something in the forum". While communicating in an online forum may be second nature to some, it isn't intuitive to everyone, even those who may have read other areas of this FAQ on how to use our forum software. Therefore, I am creating a step by step FAQ item here with all of the directions needed for someone to make their first post.

Step 1: Getting to the Forum

This website has a lot of features, from a message forum, to photo galleries, to classifieds and even a garage where members can list their cars. The main place that members communicate with each other is in the Forum. To get to the Forum click on one of the links shown in the following image:

Step 2: Choosing the Right Forum to Post a Message in

The next step is to choose the right forum to post a message in. The forum is divided up into categories by car model and subject matter. What is important is that you choose the forum that is the best fit for your topic. For example let's assume you want to ask a question about your car's radio and you own a Boxster. The best place to post your message would be in the forum named "Cayman and Boxster Electronics" as shown in the following image. To enter that forum category simply click on the words "Cayman and Boxster Electronics".

Step 3: Clicking the Button

To create a new topic you must click the Start New Topic button. The button is located just above the list of topics already in this forum as shown in the following image:

Step 4: Entering your message topic

The last step is to actually enter your message topic into the editor and submit it for publication in the forum. The following image breaks this down into 3 main steps.
1) Type a Title - In the Title box type a title for your message, something that is relevant to what you are going to discuss, in our example maybe something like "Where can I find my Radio activation code?"
2) Type Your Message - This is the main message editor, you can find details about how to use this message editor elsewhere in this FAQ. Think of this as your "paper" where you are writing your message to everyone.
3) Click Submit - When your message is ready you can click the Submit button to submit your topic for publication in the forum. In most instances your message will appear immediately for everyone to read and/or reply.

That's it! Those are the basics for starting a new forum topic. There are more options for the editor, such as attaching photos or other documents, etc. that can be found elsewhere in this FAQ. Enjoy and happy posting!

Adding your Cayman to the CayDex

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FUNCTION HAS BEEN REPLACED BY OUR "GARAGE" FEATURE. PLEASE USE THE GARAGE INSTEAD. ALL VEHICLES IN THE REGISTRY/CAYDEX WERE IMPORTED INTO THE GARAGE I get emails or PMs on a fairly regular basis asking how someone can add their Cayman to our Registry here or how they can add a photo with their Registry entry. I finally decided to type up this step by step set of instructions and include some sample screen captures to help clear up any mystery about uploading photos. To receive the Cayman Registry award (highly sought after) and to have your car's photo in your Profile, you must upload a photo with your Registry listing. So let's get started!

Step 1:

Click on User CP from the navigation bar at the top of the page or anywhere that you see User Control Panel or User CP. This will take you to a page where you will have a set of navigation items on the left for editing your profile, changing your avatar, etc. At the bottom of that list is a link for the Cayman Registry. Click on that link (as circled in red in the image below) and it will take you to the entry form to fill in the information about your Cayman.

Step 2:

Now you need to fill in the information about your Cayman. There is a drop down box for model year, currently you can select 2006 through 2008. This is followed by a model drop down, currently showing Cayman or Cayman S. If more models are added in the future we will add them to the list. Next select the exterior and interior colors of your Cayman from the next two drop down lists. The next field is very important, it is your VIN#. Your VIN# will not be displayed, but PCA requires that we collect that information for verification purposes. We do display the last 6 digits for sorting purposes, but not your entire VIN. If you do not enter a valid VIN#, your Cayman will not show up in the Registry. Next fill in the current mileage and finally there is a free-form text box for a description of your Cayman. This also needs to have something filled into it, typically owners fill in their option list or some unique modification they've made.

At this point some people stop, not realizing that if they scroll down a little further on the page they can upload a photo of their Cayman. As shown in the following image, uploading the photo is a 4 step process. 1 - Click on the radio button next to YES under Upload Your Cayman Image, 2 - Select the Browse button to look through your computer's hard drive or memory card to find a photo that you want to upload. 3 - Select that photo and 4 - Click the Open or OK button.

Step 3:

At this point everything should be filled in, and the upload image from your computer box should have text in it with the location on your computer from which the form will upload your photo as shown in the following image. Simply click on the "Save Changes" button and your photo will be uploaded to the server and your Cayman entered into the registry.

That's all there is to it, the page should refresh and show the boxes with all of your information as well as your photo at the bottom. If everything is complete your Cayman will now also show up in the main Registry as ell as in your member Profile page.

If you have any questions please let us know by email or PM or a reply to this topic and we will do our best to address them.

Common Questions:

Q) I tried to upload a photo but it didn't upload how come?

A) This could be for multiple reasons but items to check are the dimensions of your photo. The registry accepts photos as large as 640x640. If your photo is larger you will need to scale it down before uploading. You can do this by uploading it to the Gallery first, or by using some software on your PC or Mac to resize the photo. Photos are also limited to 800KB in size so if your photo's filesize is larger than that it also will not upload. Finally, there have been some instances of less common browsers not working. We've tested the photo upload in both Internet Explorer and FireFox and it works fine in both of those, therefore, we suggest using one of those at least to enter your Cayman and upload its photo.

Q) I entered information in the form but my Cayman isn't showing up in the Registry.

A) This happens when any fields are blank, double check that you have something in the VIN field and in the Description field as well as that you have selected something from each drop down box.

Q) Can I change my registry entry later on?

A) Yes you can, you can edit your entry at any time as well as upload a different photo if you would like to, although only one photo shows up at a time, the most recent that you've uploaded.

Q) I noticed that in the Registry there are 2 dates what are those and can I edit them?

A) We capture the date you first entered your Cayman into the Registry, as well as the date that you last made any changes to your listing. If you only enter your car once and never make a change the dates will be same, otherwise the last modified date will be more recent than the original entry date. You cannot edit these dates although our administrator can if there is a problem with a date for some reason.

Q) Do I need to keep coming back and updating my mileage as I drive my car?

A) There is no requirement to, but some users do from time to time to show a more current view of their Cayman.

Q) Is there some way to make sure my VIN# is correct? I can't tell if that is a zero and an "O".

A) First, there are no O's in a VIN#, so it would always be a zero. Second we have a VIN Decoder link on the form, you can go to the decoder, enter your vin# and make sure that the VIN# is correct before entering it into the Registry form. The VIN# is always 17 digits long and the form will not accept anything less than 17 digits so please make sure you enter the entire VIN#.
Q) Is my information secure?

A) Yes. All information you enter of a personal nature is private and secure. For example the VIN#, only the last 6 digits shows up publicly in the Registry the entire VIN# can only be seen by members of our administrative staff. Additionally, if your car is registered to be driven then its VIN# is already a matter of public record, your state or local licensing agency has it and makes it available to third parties, your insurance company does the same. Your information is more protected here than it is at either of those sources.

Embed YouTube and Google Videos

It's amazing how the internet has exploded into a giant video storage device and how video clips are now traded like baseball cards. We see many links to many YouTube and Google videos in many threads at the Cayman Club, but did you know that you can embed a video into a thread so it can be viewed without leaving the thread to follow a link?  This is a cool ability and it keeps the site clean and easy to browse, yet I often find myself converting links to embedded videos so I thought it would be a good idea to write a little tutorial on the topic.

YouTube Videos:

Let's take a look at YouTube videos first. Every YouTube video has a unique video identifier. This is usually made up of letters and numbers and it's usually pretty long (~12 characters). Here is a link to a YouTube Video that I will use as an example:

YouTube - Porsche Cayman S promotional video


If you visit that link you will see a window that looks something like this:


The video identifier can be found in the URL. It always follows 'v=', so in this case, the Video ID is 3TZKkPLxXJM. Do you see it up there in the link?

Now, if you copy that video ID, then click the YouTube button in your post editor and then paste the video id inside the YouTube tags, you will get something that looks like this:
HTML Code:

I did that inside an HTML code box, just so you can see what it would look like. If I do it outside the code box, it will look like this:

Done deal. We just embedded a YouTube video.

Google Videos:

Google videos work very much the same way, only instead of calling it a Video ID, it's called a Document ID. The 'docid' is a bit longer and only made up of numbers. Here is a link that we can use as an example:

Road & Track Video Exclusive: BMW Z4 M Coupe vs. Porsche Cayman S


If you open it, you will get a window like this:


This time I will click the Google Video button, and then paste in the docid, which will look like this:
HTML Code:

When I do that outside the code box, I get:

See that..... Now you're now an expert on embedding videos at the Cayman Club. I hope you've found this interesting and informative and I hope you'll put your new found skills to the test.


FAQ Information:

This FAQ was written by Gator Bite.
Last Revised: March 2008

Searching For Information

Ah, the art of searching.  Thank you for coming to this FAQ.  That means that you want to become an expert at searching for info here at the Cayman Club.  It seems that many folks want the instant answer and they don't want to dig for information.  But we believe in an old proverb that says:

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime......" {Author: Lao-Tzu}

The Cayman Club brings many valuable benefits to it's members. One of them is access to a wealth of collective knowledge that is stored in the brains of our members. But tapping this knowledge is slower than a 28K modem because you need to wait for someone to see your question and actually reply to it.

Another awesome and powerful benefit is the ability to access a wealth of archived discussions and collective experience. This is far faster than asking a question because the answers are already there, just waiting for you to find them. Let me show you how and see if I can feed you for a lifetime.

In the upper right hand area of your screen, you will see the word 'Search' with a drop down arrow on one of the CC tool bars. Hover over this and you will be prompted with some options, like this (below). I always like to used 'Advanced Search' because it lets me narrow my results.



Once you click 'Advanced Search', you will be presented with a window that looks like this (below):




Searching is a simple 3-4 step process:
  1. Enter a well though out search string in the 'Key Word(s)' (see highlight 1 in above picture). For this search I went with 'Maintenance'.
  2. To narrow your results, I like to select 'Search Titles Only' (see highlight 2 in above picture). I only undo this if I come up with little to no results.
  3. If this is your first time, click the 'Go' next to 'Save Search Preferences' (see highlight 3 in above picture) and the next time you search you won't have to select 'Search Titles Only' again. It will remember that setting. This is a one time deal. You won't need to do this again.
  4. Click 'Search Now' (see highlight 4 in above picture) and you will be presented with results that look like this:

Holy cow... Look at all the valuable threads there, many of which probably contain the answers to your questions, and then some.

Keep going. Do it again for "Tire Wear' and you will see something like this:

And again for 'Brake Replacement':

Now go fish.....! The club is your oyster.

FAQ Information:

This FAQ was written by Gator Bite.
Last Revised: March 2008

Uploading Photos to the Photo Gallery

Since there has been a lot of interest in how to get pictures into the forum in a message or even where to put them in our Gallery I took the time out to take some screen captures and make this step-by-step topic to hopefully answer all of your questions.

Step 1: The Gallery

The following image shows the Gallery home page. If you click on Gallery from the navigation at the top of the site home page or from the navigation panel on the left this is where you end up. The Gallery home page is divided into 2 primary sections.

Site Galleries (Main Site Photo Albums)
Member Galleries (Member Photo Albums)

Site Galleries or Photo Albums consist of mostly pre-defined categories for images to be uploaded into. These photos are all Cayman related, non-Cayman photos should not be uploaded to a site gallery. For the most part users cannot create new sub-categories in existing site galleries. One exception to this is the Cayman Events sub category where registered members do have the ability to set up new sub categories for the Cayman related events that they attended.

Member Site Galleries or Photo Albums are the place for individual members to create their own sub-categories and upload pictures of their car, their pets, whatever. How to set up sub categories will be shown below.

I often get the question "I have photos of my Cayman where should I upload them?" My suggestion is to take a couple of your favorite photos and upload them in the Site Gallery - Cayman Images, in the appropriate sub-category for the color of your car, for example Guards Red. Then take the rest of your photos and create your own personal photo album in the Member category section and upload your photos there. Please don't upload all of your photos to both places because you have a limited amount of photos you can upload (based on file size) and uploading duplicates will decrease your available upload space even further.

Step 2: Sub Categories

In order to keep the Gallery organized there are a number of sub categories in each Site Gallery, as well as members can create more sub categories in some site galleries and in their own personal member gallery.

I clicked on "Cayman Images" in the photo above and was taken into the Cayman Images gallery where I was presented with the list of available sub categories shown in the following image:

Please note the items described in this image regarding the Gallery navigation menu, the various sub categories, and information about the items in the categories.

Not shown in this image are the categories of Interior photos, wheels and tires etc. If you have a Guards Red Cayman and you take a picture of your interior please don't upload it to the Guards Red sub-category, instead please upload it to the Interior Photos category. Please read the category and sub category descriptions to find out what goes into or doesn't go into those categories. If you are unsure where something goes, please ask BEFORE you upload it to the Gallery. If you upload to the wrong spot and don't have the permissions to edit your photo then it creates more work for the admin/moderators to move your pictures around where they belong.

Sub categories are an important organizational tool, please use them!

Step 3: Sub Category Image Contents

I clicked on the Guards Red sub category in the image above and arrived at the page shown in the following image. This page is the contents of what photos have been placed into the Guards Red sub category.

Individual photos are shown in thumbnail views with a bit of quick information about each photo. To see the full size version of the thumbnail photo simply click on the photo (shown in next image). There will also be page navigation links if there are multiple pages of photos in this sub category. These operate the same way as in the forum so don't miss photos by missing the fact that there are multiple pages of photos.

You can also change the way photos are displayed on this sub category item view by changing selections in the drop down boxes and clicking the Show Images button.

Last, but not least, if you are looking at a sub category and want to immediately upload a photo into the sub category you are looking at you can do so using the Quick Upload box at the bottom of the page. Simply click the Browse button which will open up a file dialog box on your computer. Find the image you want to upload, select it and click OK in your file dialog box. Then fill in the image title, a brief description about the image you are uploading and then keywords that you think will be helfpul for someone trying to find your photo. To upload the photo click the Upload button. Your photo will then be transmitted to the website, placed into the category you are viewing and you will recieve a confirmation page. This works great if you are uploading one photo at a time, but there is another way to upload that I will show shortly if you want to do multiple photos at once.

Step 4: Image Detail

The image detail page can be reached by clicking on any thumbnail image. I clicked on the thumbnail in the previous image and arrived at the page shown in this next image:

The page has a quick forward and backward navigation above the full size photo. There are also links at the right for rating this image, or using tools to work with the image (such as editing it or emailing it). Below the primary image is the filmstrip of images in this same sub category. You can navigate images in this same sub category by clicking images in the filmstrip.

Below the filmstrip is some quick information about the photo such as who uploaded it, how large it is and how many times it has been viewed. Following this are three boxes that show the Direct Link code, the BB Image code and img tag code. You probably won't need the first or third item, but if you want this image to show up in a post topic thread in the forum then you will certainly need the BB Code. Simply highlight the code starting with the img tag and ending in the /img tag and copy the entire line of code. Then go to the forum message you want the image to appear in and paste that line of text into the message body. You can paste up to 8 images into a single message in this manner. Save/Submit your message in the forum and it will now have images embedded in it. It sometimes helps to have two browser windows open, one to grab items from the gallery, the other to paste items into forum messages.

Last, but not least there is a category jump button at the bottom of the page that will allow you to quickly move from one category to another.

Step 5: Creating a Category

There are two reasons why you may need to create a category (which by default will always be a sub category). First, if you have an event you attended that was Cayman related and you want to create a new sub category for that event in the Cayman Events category. The second reason you may need to create a category is to set up your own personal member category. All registered members have the ability to set up their own photo albums or galleries in the Members Photo Album section of the Gallery. The following photo shows how to get started:

Simply click on MY STUFF in the Gallery navigation links and choose "Category Admin" from the drop down box. You will then be shown a list of existing categories that you already have (if any). Click the "Add Category" button to add a new category (as mentioned previously these will always be sub categories but I'm using that term in the generic sense)

Step 6: Add Category Details

The next step is to fill in the details about the category you wish to create as shown in the following photo:

The first item is the Category Title, every category must have a title. Please try to make the title descriptive for what is in the category. For example: "Photos from May Fun Run 2007" etc.

The next item is a category description. Here you can add a bit more detail about what sort of photos are in this category or what you want people to upload to the category.

Next is the Parent Category selection. If you are adding a sub category under Cayman Events you would want to choose Cayman Events as your parent category. If you are adding your own personal photo album then you want to choose "Member Categories" as shown in the image example above.

If you have the option to password protect your album you can add a password next. Last, but not least are a series of check boxes where you can turn on or off certain features for the category you create. Please note that the administrator does have the ability to override your selections if necessary. You can also edit your category later and change selections if you make a mistake.

Finally, click the "ADD CATEGORY" button and your category will be created and will immediately be ready to receive photo uploads

Gallery Features and Functions Continued

Ok here we go with Part 2 of our Gallery series to help make it much easier for all of our members to upload photos and use features from the gallery.

Step 7: Upload Page & Mass Uploads

It is possible to upload more than one photo at a time via the Upload page. To access the Upload page simply click the Upload link in the Gallery navigation, shown in red in the next image. You will then be presented with the Upload page as shown here:

The first item on the page is a depiction of your stats, how many photos you've uploaded already, how much space they are taking up on the server and how much space you have left. Different user groups will have different restrictions on how much space is available to them, for example those who donate to the site get more space, sponsors also get more space, etc.

This is followed by 5 upload boxes with Browse buttons next to them. These work the same way as uploading an individual photo, simply click the Browse button, locate the file on your computer that you want to upload to the website and click ok to select that file. You can just do one file if you want to, or you can select up to 5 at one time.

The next box is for an image title, please fill this in. This title will apply to all images uploaded, although you will have a chance to change it after the uploads are finished and before your pictures show up in the gallery.

The same is true for the description, but you can have the description apply to all photos if you want to, for example: "Pictures from Big Bear Run" etc.

The next drop down box is where you choose what category you want to upload pictures into. You MUST choose the correct category. I sometimes see people leaving this as whatever showed up by default and their images end up in someone else's gallery! PLEASE take the time to select the proper category from this drop down box.

Next fill in any keywords you want to apply to these photos to make it easier for people to find them when you search.

The UserName box is only there for admins and moderators so we can upload pictures for you if needed. This is followed by a couple of check boxes. If you want to receive email updates whenever anyone replies to your photo or rates your photo simply check the box. If you want to add this photo to your list of photos check that box as well.

The last step is the click the SUBMIT button which I failed to capture in my screen capture photo above. Once you click submit it will start the upload process for all your photos. If you uploaded more than one you will receive a confirmation page where you can adjust photo titles, categories, etc. before making your upload permanent. This allows you to give them different names, and put them in different places. Once everything looks ok on the confirmation page approve the photos by clicking the PROCESS button to finalize your uploads and place them into the gallery.

Step 8: Finding New Items

Finding new photos or new posts about photos in the Gallery is pretty easy. If the icons are lit up green on the left they will say New alerting to the fact that something is new in that category since your last logon, but the icons don't tell you what and they clear with each logon. Therefore, there is an easier way to find new items, simply click the "WHAT'S NEW" link in the Gallery navigation as shown in this following image:

You will then get a pop-up drop down menu where you can select from different options for photos or posts, such as photos uploaded in the last day, or 5 days, up to 25 days. When you select from this drop down menu the page will be refreshed and you will be shown the photos that match the criteria you are looking for. (shown as clickable thumbnails).

Step 9: What's Popular - Top Images

Ever wondered what the most viewed images in the gallery are? How about the ones given the highest ratings? How about the ones that have received the most comments from viewers? Well you can find out all of those things by clicking the "WHAT'S POPULAR" link in the Gallery navigation and choosing the respective item from the drop down box as shown in this next image:

You will receive a list of photos with thumbnails that match the setting you have chosen. The Top 15 are shown in each instance.

Step 10: Rating Images

Any time you are viewing a photo in full size as shown in Step 4: Image Detail in the first post in this topic thread, there will be a drop down menu over to the upper right that says RATE IMAGE. Simply click this link and you will receive a drop down showing stars corresponding to how you would rate this particular image as shown in the next example image:

If an image receives enough votes it will show up on the Top 15 of the Top Rated images as described in Step 9.

Step 11: Image Tools

Any time you are viewing a photo in full size as shown in Step 4: Image Detail in the first post in this topic thread, there will be a drop down menu over to the upper right that says IMAGE TOOLS. Click this drop down link and a menu will appear showing the options available to you. Please note only certain user groups can edit or delete their photos once they have been uploaded, so not every option shown in the next example will be available to you.

The first option shown above is Edit Image and we will cover that in more detail in Step 12 below. The second option is Printable version, clicking this will show you the photo on a page that can be easily sent to your printer. The third option is Add to Favorites. If you find a photo you like, or maybe want to come back to in order to reference the photo time and time again in the future simpley choose to add it to your favorites. The next option is Reply to Image which allows you to post a message reply tied to that particular photo. The next option is send as e-card which allows you to send a greeting card to someone with this photo embedded into the online greeting card. If you've ever used an online greeting card or postcard site, this selection is similar. The next selection is to email the image to someone, handy for sending others you know pictures from the Cayman Club site gallery. The next option allows you to subscribe to the photo and receive email updates whenever the photo receives a rating or message reply. If you subscribe you don't have to keep coming back to check to see if anyone has responded to your photo as the site should send you an email if that event happens. The last option is to report the photo to a moderator. If you feel someone has uploaded something inappropriate and you want the site moderators to take a look at it, please use this link to report the image.

Step 12: Image Editing

I have been asked several times "How do I change my image title?" or "How do I move the image to the correct category?" Well the easy answer to that question is simply to choose EDIT IMAGE from the drop down image tools menu covered in Step 11. Once you select that option you will be presented with the following image editing page:

The first section shows a thumbnail of the existing current image. You can choose to rotate the image or flip it horizontally or vertically. (I don't use those features much) You can also REPLACE this image with another one by clicking the Browse button and choosing a different image from your computer to upload in its place.

All images that are uploaded are automatically resized for you.

The next box allows you to change the image's title.

The next drop down allows you to move the image to a different category. This is something all members should become familiar with in case you ever upload a picture to the wrong category now you know how to fix it!

The next box allows you to add or edit the description.

The next box allows you to add or edit keywords.

The final box allows users with permissions to do so to enter some image notes.

When you are finished editing simply click the SAVE CHANGES button and you are done!


Sometimes members tell me that they tried to upload a photo and it failed. 9 times out of 10 it is because their photo was too large to start with and the resize autobot failed to resize it accordingly thus terminating the upload. You can overcome this problem by simply resizing the photo first on your computer using MS Paint, Photoshop, MS Office Photo Editor tools, or whatever you have on your computer that will resize for you.

If you have a problem other than a failed upload please email or PM the administrator or moderators and ask for help and we will try to help you as quickly and efficiently as we can.

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