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718 FAQ Items

Items in this category pertain to the 718 model Caymans and Boxsters announced for 2016

Cayman Options

Option Codes

The following sub sections contain option codes for various models. You can generally find your option codes on a sticker attached to the underside of the front trunk lid.


The Cayman has a few idiosyncrasies that might not be familiar to first time Porsche owners. Like them or not “they are what they are” and knowing about them in advance of a problem may help some of us out of a jam. It's all in the manual.

FAQ Information:

This FAQ section was written by Santa Fe and was last revised in March, 2008.



Questions & Answers

The following is a compendium of questions that seem to be frequently asked by new Cayman owners. Some of the answers are clearly found in the Owner's Manual. Others are more subjective in nature and represent collective experience.

The FAQs here are an excellent resource to understand the basics about the Cayman being considered for purchase.

(Disclaimer: The definitive authority for the Cayman is Porsche AG. It is recommended that you follow the instructions in your manual. Doing otherwise, you do so at your own risk. VERIFY all part numbers in this FAQ with your dealer. Prices are approximations as of the date of the FAQ. In making aftermarket changes do so at your own risk. does not endorse any changes not authorized by Porsche.)

FAQ Information:

FAQ Editing Contributors: chows4us, TX-KmanS, Suneet, Santa Fe

Last Revised: March, 2008


Cayman Aftermarket Items

Items in this category are aftermarket items sold by various vendors to improve the looks or performance of the Cayman.

Cayman Technical Data

Information in this category is of a technical nature, items such as fluid types and levels, torque values, measurements, etc.

Cayman Complaints

Items in this category involve parts on the car that might have failed or problems that may be recurring or experienced by multiple owners.

Cayman Maintenance

Items related to the general care and maintenance of the Cayman

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