How I did not sell "Felix the car"...
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Thread: How I did not sell "Felix the car"...

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    How I did not sell Felix the car
    By Felicitas Oefelein

    About 5 years ago, after being a carless resident of Manhattan for 14 years I fell in love with my very first Porsche, a black 2002 Boxster with tan interior.
    After I purchased the car I immediately joined PCA and it is safe to say that both the car and the membership in the club changed my life in many ways. I started participating in the many club activities and today it is my dream to become a PCA DE instructor.
    Last year, I decided to upgrade the car to a Cayman S.
    “Felix the Boxster” was to be sold……. Only to the "right person" of course.
    I placed an ad on the auto-trader web site as well as in the local PCA magazines. Right away I attracted some interested buyers. One of the first serious ones resided on 23rd Street and told me about how his previous vehicle, an old Honda, had been stolen and then taken to the Bronx where the car was later recovered missing most anything that could be disassembled… This buyer planned on parking the new car on the street as well. MY FELIX! On the street outside??? I did not say anything right away but that night I did not get much sleep and then of course reacted unfavorably to the following price negotiations. Felix was not sold to the guy from23rd Street.
    What followed was a long string of potential buyers, or shall I say tire-kickers. One person offered me his old BMW with 170,000 miles in addition to some land in the Poconos… (Maybe I should have asked if it was near the raceway?) Another serious buyer was from Canada. This one seemed nice enough and we actually came to an agreement, he even bought a one-way plane ticket to Newark. Then he got stopped at the border as he told customs about the cash he was carrying. As a result they looked him up in the computer and found an old entry about a bar fight… he was not permitted entry into the US and was stuck in Canada and the car remained mine. The best part about this unsuccessful transaction was that he had paid for Porsche Roslyn to do a full inspection on the car: Felix, as it turned out was in tip top shape!
    At a DE track event during this time I mentioned my plight to one of the instructors and he shared with me that he had been unsuccessfully trying to sell his dads old 944. A one-owner car in mint condition with low mileage. His asking price was $7,000.00. He had attracted a possible buyer who needed to sell two other cars first, then applied for an additional car loan and asked for 100 days to come up with the money! WOW things are rough out there… This made me feel better about my own saga.
    In the meantime Felix was sitting in the garage, stripped of his rollbar and fire mount. My Cayman S E.V.A. in the meantime was taken out for regular trips to the track, while Felix was left behind like an unwanted stepchild. I was starting to feel guilty. After all we had had 4 great years together, he always kept me safe and saw me advance from the green novice group to become a Solo driver.
    I became less and less interested in selling the car and started wondering if I should just send it down to Florida so that Felix could join Sunny, my VW beetle…There was free parking at the condo and while I was currently paying $300.00 a month just to store the car in New York this sounded like a fantastic plan. This would open up the possibility of more track events with our Florida friends as well. When I purchased E.V.A. I had sent her to Florida for the winter and attended some events with both Suncoasticon as well as Goldcoast regions. I made some friends and was wondering if and how I could return.
    I seriously started liking the idea of being a “2 Porsche household”.
    So as soon as the garage lease was up I loaded Felix onto a car transporter and off he went into retirement to the Sunshine state.
    In August I hopped on a plane and met the car once it was delivered. One of the first things we did was take down the top and drive over to the ocean..., while running the AC. Felix was making happy purring sounds as we cruised along Fort Lauderdale beach. What had I been thinking? Selling my baby???
    In September I was able to attend the DE event at Sebring. Poor Felix had not been to a track in over a year and I was a little worried that I had gotten used to the extra 100 horsepower in E.V.A., but I have to say we both had a fantastic time. Sebring, even though being the fastest track I have driven so far, was great for the Boxster. And reuniting with friends like Amy Gustafson, Dave Galon, Roger Wilson and Michael Grant made the weekend even more special.
    I am proud to say that I joined Goldcoast region in early September.

    I am glad I did not sell my first love!
    There are so many great memories attached to this car, I have no idea what I was thinking when I listed him in the first place. Now Sunny the beetle is for sale and I listed him on Craigs List…. Did you know that the original beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche? This makes Sunny a first cousin to Felix and E.V.A. Sunny came with us to the 24 hours of Daytona already twice. Sunny is a great little guy, right after I bought him I adorned him with a " Porsche Support Vehicle" sticker which he proudly wears on his rounded rear end..... he looks a little like a 911 that needs to go on serious diet….. Hmmm you can probably see where this is going. Maybe one day there will be another story about me not selling Sunny…
    Until then I am a 2.5 Porsche car household.
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