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  • Jason45440 ·
    Hi Bodhii,
    I saw ur info on the Audi R8 LMS. I am not getting the LMS Ultra, but rather the Grand Am version. The Audi R8 LMS Grand Am version is delivered in two weeks. I am also getting a sim set up like it and was wondering if u knew this answer. This is my understanding...from neutral to first is when u need to clutch only. Otherwise its paddle shifting. OR do u need to clutch when downshifting only...I am confused...I am sure I will know in 2 weeks but wanted to set this sim the same. Here is what Audi wrote in the handbook.
    Thanks for any info u know of...
    Audi R8 LMS Grand-AM
    Technical Data*
    Car model Design
    Engine Type
    Engine management Engine lubrication Cubic capacity Power
    Drivetrain/transmission Type of transmission Clutch Gearbox
    rear wheel drive standard clutch sequential, pneumatic activated 6-speed sport gearbox with shift-paddles locking differential
    constant velocity joint driveshafts
    Fast Break ·
    Bodhii, your name was given as some one who's car set up may address some issues I am having with mine. I submitted a blog re "front end drift". let me know how your car preforms with your current front splitter
    91Eunos ·
    The car you're trying to id in your gallery is a Ruf RK Coupe (based on a Cayman). Body kit is by Stola...
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