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  • timkiem ·
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    Bất quá, loại nghiêm nghị này, khi nhìn thấy một bộ Thông Bối Quyền
    pnamajck ·
    first of all … you guys are awesome … keepin' this thread alive … hi-five to all.

    member Budman … really, you da' man … might not be pabst-blue-ribbon man … but you da' bud man !

    'ppreciate your input … also, kudos with your attitude toward the paint … what to do … gotta' protect the paint. i often drove from gb to tmpa … loved the drive. now living in dfw … no longer doing the tmpa-drive.

    tach-miami … fully appreciate your input. have mentally considered the ramifications … colgan could be off-the-beat from the past 20+ years … just relying on marketing hype to keep from drowning ? tach-miami … i also gotta' show you respect … that bra at looks frikkin' awesome ? better than any other configuration i seen up-to-date.

    however … think i gotta' go with the crowd on this one … thanks, highlander-tach … best wishes to you.
    Budman ·
    Back at ya austin. My daughter lives in the Lancaster area and I'm here in Phoenixville. Are you active in the Riesentoter branch of the PCA? Since you're so close, you might want to consider our Welcome Spring Breakfast next Sunday 4/11 in downtown Phoenixville at Molly Maguire's Irish Pub. Let me know and I'll send you more info.

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