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    canux, I also have a black cayman, 2007 S, which I just purchased from Florida. I live in Seattle, where it rains frequently, so I took my car to Griot's Garage, which has affiliates all over the US. They actually teach you how to use their products on a fender, hood or top, your choice. They show you how to prep, clay, use different pads, and different buffers. My problem is using their clean mitts, car wash and three warm buckets of clean water, still cause slight scratches like you mentioned on close inspection with high wattage lighting. Another method Griot's Garage employes is a waterless wash, which I use as well. Car can be wet and should be wet, but you use the microfiber towel to carefully remove dirt without scratching the surface. I use both methods, three bucket and wet wash between and still get fine scratches detected by very bright lights.
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