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  • cmargosi ·

    I had a working 3.4L core which was in good shape, it had not failed yet and leakdown tests were very good. There was one Stage 4 over rev on the computer. I also had many of the aftermarket parts that Dwayne normally puts on the car. Mantis deep sump, Plenum and TB, etc. To build a good motor into the 3.8 L was $20 K. At break in with the Evo MS software for the 3.8 L we got 338 HP. I'd guess it's up around 350 HP now, but haven't re-dyno'd. I think that with the right software, it should make more horsepower. The torque curve is amazing and flat and you get lots of power starting around 3,500 RPM. So far the motor works and drives great. I have it hooked up to Fabspeed Headers and Race Exhaust. If you have any further questions, text or call me at 312 320 6019.
    onefastviking ·
    Hi Charley,
    I've been building a Cayman slowly for a customer of mine and he recently had an engine failure. If you don't mind how much did Dwayne at Vision charge for the rebuild ? Did it come out approx as he estimated for time and cost to build ? Would you share the hp numbers on it ? Overall were you happy with his build and service of the motor ?

    Thank you in advance for your time. I'll have to send you some pics or post them of our car once it's all finished in a couple more months.

    Have a great weekend !
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