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  • ting19821982 ·
    Does TPC 981 Suspension System1 go with Porsche factory sport suspension?


    I will make half track and half street cayman s.
    I am considering to order factory sport suspension ?

    Could you answer me cayman S 981 factory sport suspension
    comprises what? (spring,sway bars,...??)

    Is it more sensible and economy to give up factory sport suspension and order TPC Suspension System ?
    Does TPC 981 Suspension System 1 go with Porsche factory sport suspension?

    Thank you!!
    kennyyeo ·
    i am interested to get my 2006 cayman S turbo charged

    I can see there are2 type of package which is the non intercooled (7k+ ) and the intercooled one ( 10k).

    I live in a hot and humid country here , does that mean is better to get the intercooled ones? i am more concern on the durability compare to power .

    I am afraid the LP turbo kit will heat up alot at my country . i dont do alot track days, maybe 1-2 times a year.

    Please advise

    Liberated ·
    I visited TPC racing in Southern CA. They were very nice when my GF and I stopped by and asked questions and looked at their magnificent garage. After my visit I kept communicating with Betim by email. He told me he can install it on my Tiptronic, but then he stopped communicating with me. I bugged him again to get a few questions answered, he replied and then when I was ready to do it, he stopped contacting me again!!!

    Anyway, was your reply cut short by accident? I do wish I had a stick shift of course. But is the turbo kit not fit for the Tiptronic?
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