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  • tony.podrasky ·
    Hello Hassaan;

    Send me your e-mail.

    I posted a GIF of a baby tiger - but FACEBOOK turned it into a JPG and removed the multi-layers.

    I'll reply to you and send you the GIF version.


    [email protected]
    Raresense ·
    Hi Hassaan,

    I am new to this site and have read, all your dramas regarding the TPC turbo "debacle". Funny, I feel like I know you and must say admire your perseverance and courage through it all, but most of all your sense of humour. hehehe :)
    Your car seems an absolute monster.... But I would love to know off the record what your thoughts are whether to convert your cayman to a turbo, secondly how reliable is it? I want a reliable vehicle most of all. Live in Australia and travel a lot of kilometers.
    By the way could you point me to the thread that concludes you getting your vehicle back. What was the cost of the conversion if all went well to a 3.7ltr motor???

    I smile about your sons comments it would make it all feel worth it to bring them joy. I have a little 3 year old. :)

    Oh by the way, having recieved your mistress back fully embolden by her American visit is she a tad unruly by the experience??? :)
    Again I hope this receives you well.

    Kind regards,

    Ken Leacy
    lkl777 ·
    And Hassan I never said your car was ugly my friend just reversed the question! I am doing the same to mine Yours looks super cool like miniture GT3 Me I have always personalized my cars the orange on your car is the same as my wifes limited edition boxster. I bet you don't see a lot of Porsches that look like yours and that makes the car and you unique and the only one like it
    nrauto ·

    We just started shipping our new GT3 rear bumpers with finned diffuser. We do not have any pictures of this bumper installed on 987.1 Cayman.

    Thank You,

    NR Automobile
    Joe_Tule ·
    I read this long ago--when you first posted it. I have had some memory problems but once I followed your link, I remember this crazy guy abroad who had the Porsche dealer mod his car. BTW, my local dealer refused to do any mods on my CTT and said he'd void my warranty if he saw any mods whatsoever.
    HassaanAbdeen ·
    Glad to hear from you my friend. She has been handed over to the shipping company. Should be sailing to Baltimore soon inshallah.
    aiello11 ·
    Hassaan, thank you for you comments i really appreciate it. I try my best to constantly keep it clean. how is everything with you and your car doing
    HassaanAbdeen ·
    Thank you Alan, this photo was taken in Denver earlier this year. My son & I took our 1st ski class there. It looked much easier than it really was... but I loved it. As for spectators I am sure they enjoyed the laughs too :)
    alan93rsa ·
    Nice photo. Do you ski? I used to but I now have too many pieces of titanium in my spine to take the bumps and falls. But it's still fun to watch.
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