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  1. Turkish Trio: 981 Cayman, 986 Boxster, 912

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    Welcome! Great collection of Porsches. I particularly like the stripes on the Cayman.:cheers:
  2. What did you do to your 981 today?

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    :picsplz: We need some pictures.
  3. Are the brakes on the S and GTS the same?

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    :hilarious: :hilarious:
  4. 2004 Porsche Carrera

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Yes, the elephant in the room - the IMS bearing. Also suggest a pre-purchase inspection but a competent Porsche tech. Price seems okay.
  5. active air flow flaps in the 991.2

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    Not quite sure the time, effort and money are worth the few pounds you might save. :2cents:
  6. Brighter LED License Plate Lights

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    License plates are inherently ugly! Why would you want to bring attention to it - unless you have a particularly clever vanity plate. :crazy:
  7. Fuel system cleaner

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    Sounds like snake oil to me. :crazy: If you feel the need, run a bottle of Chevron Techtron (?) through your fuel system once or twice a year. It won't hurt anything and may even help a bit. :beer:
  8. What did you do to your 981 today?

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    Good write-up Jim.:cheers: Liked the videos. They made me want to go back there again - it's been a few years. :banana:
  9. What did you do to your 981 today?

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    Re: Azusa Canyon run Drove up there several years ago. GREAT driving roads! If you're going to stay overnight in Wellsboro, consider the Penn Wells Hotel. It's a great classic experience you won't find at modern hotels/motels. The Wellsboro Diner is right down the street. Be sure to see the...
  10. Does anyone know anything about this gts

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    Price: $94,730.00 :hilarious: Actually the asked price was $57.8k. This would be a reasonable price from a car dealer. :beer:
  11. What did you do to your 981 today?

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    Re: Azusa Canyon run Tire Rack has recommended tire installers. Checkout their website for info and reviews on these shops. They drop-ship directly to the installer. One of their recommended shops, local to me, mounted, balanced four tires and did an alignment for $210.
  12. The MT is dying

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    You're right, meant to say "automatic" transmission. Edited my post. :thanks:
  13. What's the difference?

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Porsche works with tire manufacturers to "optimize" a tires performance specifically for Porsche cars. Hence the "N" designation and additional cost. The generic model is more of a compromise to adapt to a variety of car manufacturers. Will you notice the difference? Maybe yes, maybe no. It's...
  14. My Porsche 911 drawings

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    Love that 917. :kiss:
  15. Manual gear display 2015 Cayman

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    How about "hill hold" and "lane change assist" and...please don't get me going! :soapbox: