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  1. Some pics of my Cayman S during carweek

    981 Cayman and Boxster Pictures and Video
    Nice! Here's my car (on the right) in Monterey car week.
  2. Wrecked Cayman

    981 Chat
    That's exactly what I was thinking!
  3. Should I sell it?

    981 Chat
    I'm one of the high-mileage owners here, too, I think, with 78k. The car has had no troubles and I have no intention to sell it for anything short of an electric equivalent. The cost of repairs on an "older" car like ours -- 5 or so years old and sub 150k miles -- is much less than the cost of...
  4. Launch X431 CReader 7S Feedback Request

    981 DIY Discussion
    Because of this thread I bought one for around $40 (eBay!) and used it last night on my Cayman. After 3 tries to get the oil service to reset while using the Cayman setting I almost gave up but decided on a lark to try it as a Boxster. Worked like a charm. This is especially funny because...
  5. Oil Change Last night - Fault Oil Level Measure - service necessary

    981 DIY Discussion
    I've changed the oil about a half dozen times in the 981 and this is the first time this has happened. My friend who owns a Porsche and BMW shop says they replace sensors all the time and if I have oil pressure I'm good. Nonetheless, one of the reasons to own 4 cars is so I can drive more than...
  6. Oil Change Last night - Fault Oil Level Measure - service necessary

    981 DIY Discussion
    I just had the same experience. I changed oil last night and it now says there is not enough oil in the car and not to "drive on." Oil pressure is fine. No leaks. 8 qts went in and didn't come out. Sensor wire attached securely. Very frustrating. I assume it is fine to "drive on" but of...
  7. rebuilding the Cayman

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    The pictures tell the story following getting t-boned by a red-light runner.
  8. The yellow car takes a hit (and will get it's fourth bumper)

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    I think they only deploy for front-end collisions.
  9. The yellow car takes a hit (and will get it's fourth bumper)

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    Someone ran a red light as I was turning left on the green arrow. Everyone was fine.
  10. Which 911 would best complement your 981?

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    The answer is obvious.....
  11. On to the new project

    Automotive Off Topic
    My latest blog entry, the motor assembly begins:
  12. 981 market vs 993 market

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    As a current 981 owner and former (and possibly future) 993 owner, I would say that there are few parallels in terms of collectability. As much as I love my 981 and think it is the perfect Porsche, I'm with gfspencer: It is more like the 914. Not iconic, not the top performance machine in the...
  13. Shortest drive for which you'd use the Cayman

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    Mine is my daily driver and I drive it ever chance I get, too. Short trip (2 miles) or my 50 mile commute. I used to change the oil between5-7.5k but at 50K I sent it to Blackstone and they said everything was great and go for 10k between changes.
  14. "Grand Tour" Suggestions

    Recommended Driving Routes
    I don't have any suggestions, just jealousy. Every time I utter the words "road trip in the Cayman" I get an unprintable response from whatshername--and not the good kind.
  15. Yearly Bonus time! Here’s my list of presents to my 981! [emoji320]

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    Are you sure it works for the older PCM, not the 781 version? On the Schell bar, mine bend under the car when navigating a steep driveway. Took it off and never regretted it. My sales rep talked me out of the multi-function wheel, asking how far away are the knobs in such a small cabin? He...