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  • White Tux ·

    i saw some items for sale from 'Number 6' and doing due diligence. I know thal some members in the planet 9 community have a high risk profile, and just checking on whether 'Number 6' is a bad risk. Any input is appreciated, and thanks for all you do. This site rocks.
    LarryB ·
    Hi K-Man - I love the forum and owe you a big thanks for providing lots of info. I have a question about the app on an iPad or iPhone. Links and photos don't work for me. Links open as a blank white page and photos open but then I can't go back and I have to close down the app. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?
    Mike_in OH ·
    Is VPS Porsche Mesh now defunct? I've tried to contact them but their site doesn't come up in a google search.
    Mike_in OH
    yoyoma ·
    K-man love the forum but the home page could use a refresh. Still have stuff up about March madness.
    Rastalate ·
    I edited my profile with PCA number however I can't seem to understand how to get to the PCA group and do the second part of this task.
    Finally @ 57 ·
    Hey Ken...donated $25 for the site fundraiser - do you need to add the special tag - or is it done automatically - I do not have it on my avatar...keep up the good work, etc.
    Thanks, Tom
    Rink ·

    I know that you are busy with the calendar issue. So, if you can't deal with more photo questions now, just reply with "later" and I'll chill for awhile.

    Can answer these ? for me..

    I wish to create an album under the Events Images catagory
    (Event Images These images are those taken at various events where our members are present. Social events, etc.)
    In this first case, I wish to do that for a DE event. In our region, a DE is as much a social event as our Ocktoberfest dinner is. Also, I don't know how many attendees there were P-9 members but I do know that there were some.

    The second case is that some of the photos "may" (wink-wink) show Porsche cars that are not Cayman or Boxster ones.

    Do these issues remain in the spirit of what the Event Image forum is meant to be? I won't be offended if you say it's not, just let me know.

    Thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of our members.

    sullivas ·
    K-Man I ordered a 2014 calendar from CafePress and a half hour later got an email saying the item violated thier 'CUP' rules:
    We regret to inform you that we are not able to fulfill your order at this time. Your order has been canceled because items in your order contained content which violated our Content Usage Policy (CUP). You have not been charged for this order.

    Image Pended: 84763464
    Order Number: 212990590

    Please visit our Content Usage Policy (CUP) for additional information on the types of content which may or may not be used in connection with the CafePress service.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


    So what do you think the problem is?
    richcz3 ·
    Hi K-Man
    I purchased the badge and posted the image on the forum per your instructions. Am I eligible for the "code" for cayman badge?

    Thanks :D


    TR-Alligator ·
    Great forum - saved big $ & learned much. bought a cayman (front end damage) & decided to bring it back to life. many pics, parts sources & heavy use of this forum. I am a complete novice at this but now feel somewhat competent for work on this car. Its a 2007 cayman base 40k miles, would have been a CPO had it not be totaled. The thing is smoking hot good looking & almost ready for front end paint/DMV repaired title application. I got it relatively cheap, no engine work necessary (except me painting the air intakes & clear cover) and from my records the cash in it is slightly above $18k. No water damage - saw someone tackling that on the forum....ehh. I was thinking of doing a forum entry to detail the work as a novice. What do you think?
    Kim from Canada ·
    Interested. Live in Nova Scotia and not sure what the "column" is focussed on. Have a 2009 997.2 C4S cab now, had a 2008 987S, 2 1992 968s, 2006 Cayenne and a 1986 944. Always interested in contributing to P9 if I can. Might be aable to offer a bit of a "twist' as I am NOt a racer or a person who has cars just to look at - I drive mine and a lot. So let me know.
    solo1 ·
    thanks for the note. Have stalked the site before but made the leap when I bought my Cayman. I believe Ive seen your Rush pics someplace else. Saw them 4x on the Clockwork Angels tour. You a fan?
    Globespy ·
    I am having strange oil loss issues and stumbled upon an old post of yours in 2010 where you were losing oil but couldn't find where from. I have a 2005 987 Boxster S and just recently noticed that my car is losing about a half quart of oil only over long distance freeway driving. I noticed that after about 900 miles of constant highway driving (70-90mph) that the oil check meter had dropped one bar. I always carry a few quarts of oil in the trunk and after adding a half quart the level was full. Same issue on the drive back, added another half quart. There are no signs of dripping oil under the car after both short and long journeys? I've considered the dreaded IMS but there are no unusual noises and I've driven 4K miles since this oiling loss was first noticed do I figure if it was the IMS I would have had a blown engine by now? So then I wondered if it could be the RMS? Or could it just be that my car uses up oil? I have 77,500 miles.
    Thank you.
    Backuppmb ·
    Hello Ken, today I posted a message in the Automotive Off Topic regarding the Atlanta CS unveil and each time I hit submit it would show an error screen, I am sure it is user error but I posted the same message 3x, if you could delete two of them it would be much appreciated. If I have the ability to delete, I was unable to locate the function.

    GreenMachine ·
    Hi Ken, thanks for organizing the bracket and allowing everyone to have some fun and winning some prizes! Much appreciated!

    Here is my info:
    Michael Lee
    21 Larkmead Crescent
    Markham, Ontario
    L6C 3E1
    nickmah ·
    hi there,

    i am considering a 3.8 transplant for my 07 cayman S. Apart from getting the engine itself, do i have to get aftermarket engine mounts and ECU reflash? if so, can you please recommend some good shops that can assist me in this project?

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