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  • Crispy ·
    How do I send someone to one of my old posts using a word in the post as a hot link to the old post?
    SLCity ·
    Am I correct in assuming your car is not turbo charged? If I am correct, any suggestion on staying with a normally aspirated engine but increasing my horsepower beyond what I have done, which is IDP intake and exhaust?
    centino ·
    i have a question. i just got a 2007 cayman s with after market rims on it already. i just realized the front rims are way to big for the car. they are 245 35 20 on the front and 295 25 20 on the back. should i buy two new front rims. the front rims are touching the wheel well when i turn right and left. it really disturbs the ride of the car. please advise i would really appreciate some help with this. i would rather not buy all new four since i just had all the rims redone and also just got new tires on the back. can i buy new aftermarket 19s for the front and would that help ?
    oldporscheguy ·
    Hi - I just joined a few days ago and it's a hoot. The site is wonderful. Hate to be a total dunce but where did the name "Planet-9" come from?
    Boxstersean ·
    hello,thanks for the currently working as an apprentice technician in this brand.hoping to learn and share infomation with everyone.great forum.
    cremaley ·
    Hey K-Man S. I live in Atlanta Georgia and I just ordered a prestige license plate for my 08 Cayman S. My plate number is K MAN S. Got the idea from this forum. Never dreamt is would be available but it was. Thanks for the idea. Love the forum.
    hawc ·
    Hey Ken, I need to change the driver side turn signal bulb in the front headlamp. Hoping to find something about it in the FAQ section but can't find it. Hoping you could point me in the right direction. Couldn't find it with a search either.
    Hey Kman! I'm Porsche McElroy and I've been a lucky CS owner since 11/9/11. Looking at your mods $ I can sleep a Lil better! I traded in a C5 and I'm not sorry to admit that these two cars are night and day! In the last two days the GT3 front bumper has come to mind. I'm gonna get it.
    JiminOrlando ·
    Thanks for the welcome. New to Porsches after many years of modified Miatas. Already learning lots about performance mods for the Cayman. Enjoying the forum. Thanks
    Jbowling ·
    hey k-man s,
    i was told by Dave-T that you are the owner of the website and that if i was looking into becoming a sponsor on planet-9, you were the guy to contact. i was wondering what the steps where to becoming a sponser. thanks in advance!
    Rex ·
    Hi bro, thanks for helping me on the posting reply. I got a question: I had email IPD plenum and they quote me a price of 82mm GT3 TB USD325+ 82mm plenum USD895 + shipping to Malaysia 80-100 USD. Total cost me around USD1320. My question is ? Is IPD trustworthy? No problem in the purchase? The price reasonable? Thanks for ur guidance..
    Budget987 ·
    K-Man S. You have a great forum going on here and I can see many new owners like myself getting good knowledge and advice. I was wondering if Group Buys are something completely set up by Sponsors or can you suggest group buys to different sponsors. I would really like to see wheel and tires, brake pads, helmets, etc.... Also, if there can be a date on the group buys (maybe even a group buy calendar), I think this will help in quickly seeing which group buys are active and which threads have been brought up from 2-3 years ago. Thanks
    foolish813 ·
    I was wondering where you got the clear engine cover and for how much. Also I was curious to know if you could re-attache the original cover over the clear one. Don't know why I would wanna do that though?
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