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  • el mejor ·
    Hi Joeseph, Im intersted in the fog light led bar that I saw in your picture of the Porsche Cayman, I want to know where can I get that item! I have a 2007 porsche cayman!! Please! Let me know if you know!it'll be apreciate!! I hope to hear from u soon!!Thanks! Att; Jesus!
    zekeman1 ·
    Ken - great review on the R; I recently bought my 2011 CS from Mike Diaz and he was telling me about it along with all the options - I was stunned at the cost. Obviously you're in the KC area, as I am. Maybe we'll run into each other some day!
    Dude987 ·

    I'm impressed with the performance gains on your croc. What would you recommend as the top 3 or 4 performance mods for optimal power gains?

    Also what is a turboencabulator?

    sixisenuff ·

    I recently Paypaled you a tidy sum for Japan relief...Then realized that there was no mention of any charity or tax deduction...According to Paypal, I just sent money to Ken. My tax guy will not be pleased. What's up with this donation? Do I get a receipt or something from Red Cross?


    altfahrer ·
    Cute KIDDIES!!!!!!

    Are you in town today???
    The Audi guys are having a general meeting(?) from 5 - 7 at the Molle showroom (new) ......Wanna stop by and talk cars with us ????Mebe see a few nice cars, too...

    T Doo
    polarcay ·
    Hello Ken,

    I have a newbie question. But first I would like to say that this site is D best. I love my croc and appreciate to share it here. You're D-man lol. Ok I noticed that some avatars are bigger than others and they show much better quality, is there a cheet somewhere? Thanks.

    scott reynier ·
    Ken any idea where i may be able to find a carbon rear spoiler for my cayman ?? seems like many of the manufactores have gone out of business ie. motoLux thnx scottR
    jsalicea ·
    Greetings Ken,

    My 06 CS is still running strong with no issue's at 31k. Locally here in Kansas City I've used Aristocrat for service. They have been great and very accommodating. However, going forward for service and potential repairs, do you know an independent shop that does good quality work that might save us some money?

    Thanks for your help.

    P.S. we'll have to organize a local Cayman get together when it warms up.

    Thanks again,

    Joe_Tule ·
    Howdy Ken--

    In the past I've donated on two occassions. $15 when I was down and out and $50 later. Yet, I don't get acknowledged. Also, I am in my second year of PCA membership and that doesn't show on my profile as well. One question: Can I change my profile name to "gr8ful" without starting a new profile? Having all those post numbers show up is something I like.

    FYI: I recommended you personally and your site to Ivan who owns IMA Motorsport because he's recently announced a Twin Turbo solution for the Cayman!

    Twin turbo kit for cayman coming soon - Forums

    May Ivan should be a sponsor here?


    sixisenuff ·


    Two threads I subscribed to are getting badly spammed. Thought you should be aware. I hear you're ill, but this is bad. One is R U Ready? and the spammer is Steanceinfice. Other is Suspension of Disbelief and spam comes from Inhadiachen.
    Singletrack ·
    Hi - I would hope never to have to bother a SYSOP - but here goes. I'm trying to download and view some of the Cayman videos in the files section. First I tried using my Safari (5.0) browser as I normally use when on the forum. Downloads would not start, instead I was connected to a new window featuring a Cayman Club Coming soon graphic. I tried again until I got I "you have exceeded your daily allowance" message - still nothing downloaded. I then started my VM and in Windows 7, used IE to access the site and try the joy, just the "exceeced" message. Do these videos actually exist?
    StatiX ·
    Whats up ken...
    remember me ?
    been a very very long time i after i sold my car huh...
    just browse up my old videos ... and really miss the old wife ! hahahaha
    so... i heard tpc racing sells 550hp kit? have u try it on?
    i may be planning on building another cayman back in indonesia..

    eintier ·
    Hey, I'm trying to remove the rear interior c-pillar piece. Any tips on this? It doesn't seem to want to come unclipped. I know you said it was the hardest for the tech to do.

    Maybe you've got some other pictures of that panel so I can see the clips?
    dchughes ·
    on the #27 newsletter it had a link to das schild special but when clicked it went to an old thread that was closed is there a new GB?
    prm1177 ·
    You may want to post this under news. The BBC confirms the 918 is going to be built at an approximate price of $750,000. BBC - Newsbeat - Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid supercar to go on sale
    FD9NY ·
    Hi K-Man S, A few years back you had posted the installation of Escort ZR3 on your Cayman S. I read the article and am having difficulty figuring out a way to run the wire from the rear license plate unit to the front of my 2006 Carrera S. I have tried searches on numerous sites with no help. Do you know how this can be done or direct me on how to get this info? Thanks, Frank
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